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Col. Edwards


Col. Edwards was the commanding officer of SG-11 when they were assigned to mine naquadah on planet P3X-403 in the Season Seven episode, 7.07 "Enemy Mine".

Character Biography

Col. Edwards was assigned to planet P3X-403 to supervise the naquadah mining potential of the planet. His orders were to find the naquadah to build as many F-302's and 303's as possible. His team, comprised of engineering and military personnel, were on the planet for three months without incident. Then, one day, Lt. Ritter didn't return to the camp for supper. Unknown to them at the time, SG-11 had encroached on sacred burial ground of the Unas who had been left behind by the Goa'uld. Their presence there had been considered a hostile act by the Unas and they killed Lt. Ritter because of it.

Col. Edwards was not trained in search and rescue, so he called in SG-1 to coordinate the search for Lt. Ritter. Edwards' rough, military demeanor was very much the opposite of that of SG-1's civilian archaeologist, Daniel Jackson. Col. Jack O'Neill had to step in a few times on Daniel's behalf to keep Edwards from getting too gruff with Daniel. It was rather ironic that Edwards needed Jack as a mediator at the same time he didn't see the need for mediation between the humans of the SGC and the Unas.

Col. Edwards had a high sense of duty and he took his orders from General Vidrine of the Pentagon very seriously to get this naquadah for the future of his country and his world. At first, he might have seemed ready to shoot before aiming, but he gave Daniel a chance to negotiate when he might have rather have used deadly force to get at the naquadah in order to carry out his orders. His admiration and respect for Jack led him to give Daniel a chance to attempt a peaceful solution to the heightening tension on the planet. He used good judgment and showed strong leadership capabilities and was duly impressed by Daniel's abilities to accomplish an agreement with the Unas that was of benefit to all concerned.

His interaction with Jack, Daniel, and Teal'c of SG-1 during this incident showed him why civilian archaeologists are necessary at the SGC and why SG-1's was considered the best of the best.


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