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Entity possessing Carter


The Entity from P4X-377 was one or more of the native alien life forms sent back to the SGC to destroy the place from which they perceived an attack had commenced. It eventually was killed by Colonel O'Neill after taking over Major Samantha Carter's body.

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A MALP sent to P4X-377 had an unintended effect (4.20 "Entity"). The radio waves passed between the probe and the SGC infected the alien presence there like a contagion. Many were killed before the aliens pinpointed the origin. Perceiving the radio waves to be an attack on their world, the aliens sent forth an attack force of either one or many of their number in a feedback on the radio signal. Thus the "Entity" invaded the SGC, overpowering the dialing computers and electrocuting both Sgt. Harriman and Maj. Carter.

This Entity infiltrated the SGC computers, first learning the communication and language, than moving to other areas, including the personnel roster. It later took refuge in the independant memory of a MALP when the SGC tried to purge it from their system. Fighting for survival and still believing the SGC was an enemy, it created an interface. Col. O'Neill later conjectured that the interface was merely a trap. The Entity used the interface to leave its makeshift home and enter Major Samantha Carter. It later explained that it had outgrown the rigged together computer equipment and needed the memory capacity of Carter's brain to survive.

Although it could understand the human language now, it was unable to communicate verbally through Carter. The transfer had the effect of a stroke, preventing certain abilities, like speaking. The Entity was able to communicate through a synthesized computer voice relaying what the Entity typed on a keyboard. Although incapable of verbal speech, the Entity was able to see, hear, and move Carter's arms and legs. It claimed Samantha Carter was still inside, but even if it spoke the truth, Dr. Fraiser was concerned how long the Entity could continue to remain without losing Sam completely.

The Entity further admitted that it knew the humans valued the life of one...and specifically of Samantha Carter. Therefore it believed entering Sam would be a safe haven. After Col. O'Neill threatened to send more probes with their radio waves back to the planet, the Entity panicked. Faced with the choice to leave Carter or have more of its people killed, the Entity tried to transfer out of Samantha Carter. After two shots with a zat'nik'tel, the Entity died, but not before transferring Sam's consciousness into the SGC computers.

Once realizing Sam was still there, Dr. Janet Fraiser was able to provide a conduit that allowed her to return to her own body. No trace of the Entity remained.


Entity first arrives at SGC
Entity in Samantha Carter
Entity communicates through keypad to O'Neill and Daniel


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