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SG-7 sign on Hanka


Hanka (P8X-987) is the homeworld of Cassandra, where Nirrti conducted genetic experiments on the Hanka children and killed the entire population, including the visiting SG-7.


  • Names and Designations: Hanka; P8X-987
  • Number of Suns: One (possibly originally a binary system with second star now a black hole...one was nearby)
  • Number of Moons: One
  • Source of Address: Abydos Cartouche
  • Introduced in Episode: 1.15 "Singularity"
  • Earth Cultural/Technological Equivalent: uncertain
  • Main Interest: Long term scientific study
  • Influenced/Dominated by: Goa'uld Nirrti
  • History of Stargate: Unknown

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Geopolitical Structure and History

Hanka was an agrarian world (1.15 "Singularity"). The Stargate was set amongst several cultivated fields. The local people had some superstitions, especially about the upcoming eclipse. They believed it would bring about the end of the world. SG-7 was conducting long-term astronomical studies on the world and had set up an observatory from which to watch a solar eclipse, hopefully seeing the accretion disk of a nearby black hole.

When SG-1 arrived to witness an eclipse and check on the outpost, they found all of the population, including the people from Earth were dead. The Hankans' prophecies turned out to be correct. A thousand people were dead, the only survivor was a girl, Cassandra. Although somehow having naquadah in her body, she appeared otherwise unhurt. SG-1 luckily was not exposed to whatever killed the population, it had dissipated by the time they arrived. Hazmat teams, including Dr. Fraiser, arrived and cleared them, but anyone on the planet remained in full hazardous material gear when venturing outside.

The teams returned to Earth, taking Cassandra with them. O'Neill and Teal'c remained to witness the eclipse and finish SG-7's mission. While looking through the observatory telescope, they found another object in the sky. Teal'c recognized it as a Goa'uld ha'tak, somehow identifying it as Nirrti's vessel. He immediately remembered Nirrti once sending an emissary to negotiate with Apophis, but the person was instead a bomb, destroying the Stargate once sent through.

In the meantime, the people at the SGC realized the naquadah was actually a concealed bomb, making the girl a Trojan Horse to destroy their complex. The SGC planned to send her back through the Stargate to Hanka before the bomb went off. O'Neill and Teal'c dodged death glider fire and made it back to the base in time to warn them not to allow Cassandra through. Once taken far enough away from the Stargate, the bomb within the child deactivated. Now fine, Cassandra remained on Earth and was adopted by Janet Fraiser.

When Cassandra reached her sixteenth birthday, she started undergoing physiological changes, including an overwhelming desire to return to Hanka (5.06 "Rite of Passage"). In looking back over SG-7's old research, there was a reference to a rite of passage for adolescent children where they left their homes to go to a particular forest. SG-1 went to the planet to see if they could discover an underlying cause. They found a tree marked with a handprint, which when touched activated a campfire and a time delay ring platform leading to an underground laboratory.

The research and devices Nirrti left there proved that Nirrti was performing genetic experiments on the Hanka children, trying to create an advanced human–a hok'taur. Part of the experiment included a genetic recall command, forcing the adolescent children to return to her lab so she could see the progress of the experiments. Nirrti would stabilize the children and they would return to their families, unaware of what had been done to them.

SG-1 returned to Earth with as much information on Nirrti's experiments as they could bring back. Unbeknownst to them, Nirrti was in the lab when they arrived, cloaked with her invisibility device. She followed SG-1 through the Hanka Stargate back to Earth. Once discovered there, Nirrti was forced to help save Cassandra.



SG-7 Hanka observatory
Nirrti's death gliders attacks Hanka
Nirrti's underground lab on Hanka

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