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SG-7 Sign on Hanka


SG-7 started out as a science-central team. After the demise of the first SG-7, it was reconstituted and used for search and rescue and diplomatic missions. Even once it was referred to as a medical team. It also apparently handled routine offworld missions. No specific members of SG-7 are ever known.

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SG-7 was a scientific team, at least in its initial incarnation. One of their main early missions was Mission "169", a long-term astronomical observation on P8X-987, a/k/a Hanka (1.15 "Singularity"). The team had set up a permanent observatory to watch a solar eclipse in the system. They were hoping the eclipse may show evidence of an accretion disk of a nearby black hole. At least one of the members of the team was female.

While on the planet, they came to know the native Hankan people and had good relationships with them. They observed a rite of passage done by Hankan children as they reached puberty (5.06 "Rite of Passage"). The children would leave their homes and go into a particular forest. Usually beforehand, the children would run high fevers and have hallucinations. The natives called the symptoms "mind fire".

Female SG-7 member tends to Hankan teen

SG-7 offered medication, but the elders refused, claiming the children were "touched by the gods", and that interfering would cause retribution. They would not permit SG-7 to enter the forest to observe the ritual for the same reason. SG-1 later uncovered the "mind fire" was due to DNA manipulation by the Goa'uld Nirrti in her attempt to create a hok'taur.

Sometime before the eclipse was to take place, the Goa'uld Nirrti released a bio-weapon on the planet, killing the entire population, both natives and SG-7, leaving only one girl, Cassandra, alive (1.15 "Singularity"). SG-1, arriving to backup SG-7 during the eclipse, discovered the bodies and reported the incident to Stargate Command. The casualty total was later reported to be over 1,000 people (1.21 "Politics").

SG-7 was reconstituted after the unfortunate events on Hanka. When SG-1 did not return on schedule after a mission, Hammond sent SG-3 and 7 on a search and rescue mission to find them (2.22 "Out of Mind Part 1"). SG-3 and 7 only found Teal'c unconscious by the Stargate. There was no sign of Jackson, O'Neill, or Carter, and Hammond presumed they were captured. UAVs, balloons, and further investigation by the "best" teams found no evidence of anyone or anything aside from scorched earth. It is unclear if Hammond was referencing SG-3 and SG-7 as his best rescue teams, but it is a reasonable inference.

SG-7 returning from mission in Season 3

When Daniel Jackson was affected by Machello's device that made him have hallucinations, he pictured SG-7, returning to the SGC from a standard offworld mission, as being the skeletal corpses of the dead Linvris (3.04 "Legacy"). No details were given on what SG-7's actual mission at the time was.

When Simon Wells of SG-13 was injured by a Jaffa staff weapon on P3X-666, SG-7, along with SG-1, SG-5, and Janet Fraiser were sent on a search and rescue mission to get Wells back to the SGC, joining the rest of SG-13 and SG-3, who were already on the planet (7.17 "Heroes Part 1"). When backup arrived, Jaffa reinforcements, including ships such as al'kesh attacked in an ambush (7.18 "Heroes Part 2"). The teams were under heavy fire. While Wells returned to the SGC, Jack O'Neill was seriously wounded and Dr. Fraiser killed. No word on specific casualties amongst the team members of SG-7. Later when a documentary team at the base was getting piecemeal information about the events P3X-666, one reported " There was a firefight of some kind. Apparently one of the teams got ambushed, so they sent in SG-1, SG-5, Fraiser, and a medical team to extract them." If the information was accurate, it is possible that SG-7 was the "medical team" in question.

A couple years later, SG-7 was apparently a "diplomatic team" for the SGC. They accompanied Paul Davis to Dakara to be advisors to the fledgling Free Jaffa Nation (9.01 "Avalon Part 1"). Unfortunately, their efforts were viewed with suspicion by many of the Jaffa who had fought the Tau'ri for so long, and seen as a way to subvert the Jaffa for the humans' own ends. Even Teal'c was considered suspect.

SG-7 was one of seventeen teams taking part in an offworld SGC celebration (possibly on P2C-106), (10.06 "200"). The celebration may have been for Lt. Col. Mitchell's 200th trip through the Stargate, but in any case took place on the landmark (and overly meta) 200th episode of Stargate SG-1.


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