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Lt. Baker


Lt. Baker was a member of SG-9 and died on P3X-513 (1.06 "The First Commandment").

Character Biography

Lt. Baker joined his commanding officer, Capt. Jonas Hanson, in enslaving the people of P3X-513 and forcing them to build a temple in Hanson's honor as their new god. Baker helped Hanson and the natives hunt down his teammates, Frakes and Connor, and after Hanson shot Frakes with his sidearm, Baker saw to the burning of Frakes' body. Baker lorded over the slaves ruthlessly, and when Carter witnessed him bludgeoning a native who had fallen in exhaustion with his rifle, she struck him down with her fist. Baker was killed by Jamala, one of the natives of the planet recruited by SG-1, with Teal'c's staff weapon during an uprising staged by Daniel, Teal'c, and Jamala.

Although there were circumstances to explain why Hanson went over the edge and thought himself to be God, no explanation for Baker's treacherous behavior was ever provided.


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