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Capt. Connor


Connor began his SGC career as a lieutenant on SG-9 but soon became a captain and the commanding officer of SG-11.

Character Biography

Connor's team in the Season One episode, 1.06 "The First Commandment", was assigned to P3X-513. Soon, Connor and his teammate Frakes were running for their lives, their commanding officer, Capt. Jonas Hanson, had placed himself in the position of "god" and was enslaving the people of the world to build a temple. Frakes and Connor attempted to get to the stargate, but Frakes was killed. Connor was able to send his signal through the wormhole, and SG-1 answered his call. Connor insisted on staying with SG-1 to help them get Hanson and Baker off of the planet, but both men were so caught up with their status on the planet that they refused to go. The natives revolted and both Hanson and Baker were killed, thus making Connor the only surviving member of SG-9.

Connor was promoted to captain and was given the command of SG-11. He led his team, composed of seven in all, to the planet PXY-887 to determine the best mining techniques for trinium, a very rare mineral which was strong and lightweight. His team's presence on the planet was considered a threat and they were captured by the "spirits" of that planet, an alien race who morphed themselves into the animal gods of the local Salish natives. SG-1, sans Col. O'Neill, attempted to determine what happened to Connor and his teammates, and were also captured. They, however, were successful in getting the natives and their "spirits" to work with them and eventually SG-11 was returned to the SGC unharmed.

We learn that the entirity of SG-11 was killed by Apophis after this mission in the Season Three episode, 3.09 "Rules of Engagement". It is unknown whether or not Connor was still commanding the unit when this occurred, but he has not been mentioned since that time.


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