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Jonas in Nirrti's machine

Early Life on Kelowna

Jonas of Kelowna

Little is known of Jonas Quinn's early life on Kelowna. His knack for learning and keen observation were noted while still a student, and he was fast tracked in his studies. He had several degrees from their most honored education institution including social studies, and ancient Kelownan history. He quickly moved upward and became involved in one of Kelowna's most secret projects, the study of naquadria, under the tutelage of professor and mentor Dr. Kieran (6.07 "Shadow Play"). His role was to explore the ethical issues involved in the naquadria project (5.21 "Meridian"). At an extraordinarily young age, Jonas gained the position of special advisor to the High Minister. It was in this role that Jonas was assigned as delegate to the four strangers that came through the Stargate, SG-1.

A Fateful Encounter

Daniel Jackson prevents catastrophe

Jonas, always eager to learn, was fascinated with SG-1 and the knowledge that there was a whole universe of disparate cultures in the universe. He connected most with the team's archeologist and anthropologist, Dr. Daniel Jackson. Daniel provided him with a book to help with the translations, which Jonas devoured in one night. What fascinated Jonas was the worlds to explore through the Stargate. He was caught in that dream.

Earth was interested in establishing trade relations with Kelowna, especially in the unique naquadria element. While the rest of SG-1 was exploring another part of the city, Jonas led Daniel to the naquadria chambers, where they both discussed the implications of having a potential weapon of mass destruction. By happenstance, soon after the pair arrived in the observation room, an accident occurred. The radioactive elements overloaded and if the core was not separated, a catastrophe would occur. The scientists in the room were already overcome with the deadly radiation, and Dr. Tomis Leed, the leader of the experiment, fled the observation room in terror. Cringing in both horror and disbelief, Jonas watched as Daniel Jackson shot out the observation room window and leaped into the chamber, pulling the core apart and preventing catastrophe.

Luckily for Jonas, the observation chamber was apparently shielded enough that he did not suffer any ill effects from the accident. Unfortunately, all four scientists within the chamber and Dr. Jackson perished from their exposure. Jonas was shaken by the horrific deaths of his colleagues as well as the offworlder's. At first he followed his superior's request to make the outsider Daniel a scapegoat to cover up the accident, but Col. O'Neill challenged Jonas's belief and pointed out the results of a weapon of mass destruction. After meeting O'Neill, Jonas attended a briefing, and was sickened by the glee apparent on the government officials faces. With that, he told the truth about what happened.

Realizing Dr. Jackson and Col. O'Neill were right about the naquadria's use as a weapon of mass destruction, Jonas absconded with as much naquadria as he could and fled through the Stargate to Earth, requesting if the SGC could use the naquadria for beneficial means, such as the shields they had mentioned, they would share that information with Kelowna. General Hammond agreed. Jonas also requested asylum because his acts would brand him a traitor to Kelowna. And thus, Jonas ended up at Stargate Command.

Member of SG-1

Jonas to rescue of SG-1

Jonas was given sanctuary within Stargate Command. Haunted by Daniel Jackson's self-sacrifice that saved both his life, but probably everyone on Kelowna, Jonas was anxious to carry on Dr. Jackson's work and try and make a difference (6.01 "Redemption Part 1"). He was allowed/assigned Jackson's office, where he devoured every book and all of the archeologist's notes. He read through every file the SGC authorized him to see, and retained everything in his extraordinary memory.

Although happy to help in any way he could, he was still caught up in the dream of going through the Stargate that Daniel had first inspired in him back on Kelowna. Jonas hoped to be able to join SG-1, so he could truly continue Daniel's work. SG-1 was resistant, especially Colonel O'Neill, who went through nine reassigned members. Jonas was able to prove his worth when Anubis almost destroyed Earth, and it was Jonas's unique inspiration and observational skills that inspired the way to stop the Goa'uld (6.02 "Redemption Part 2").

Col. O'Neill finally relented, but Jonas heard the rumor (that had some basis) that O'Neill had let him on the team to keep out a Russian (6.03 "Descent"). However, Teal'c assured him that O'Neill would never have allowed Jonas Quinn on the team at all if the colonel didn't believe he had some merit. Jonas still raised his own self-doubt that although intellectually he could help, when action was needed, he would freeze as he did on Kelowna; a doubt he felt was confirmed when Teal'c shoved him out of the line of fire and dispatched invading Jaffa himself. Fueled by self-recrimination and concern for Carter and O'Neill's safety, Jonas took off on his own and risked his life to save the pair from Anubis's ha'tak that was sinking in the Pacific Ocean. After this, O'Neill verbalized his tacit approval of Quinn, and Jonas was a full-fledged member of the team.

Jonas was enthusiastic in his new role, equally enjoying parts of Earth and other planets. One early offworld mission was a return to Kelowna, at that government's request (6.07 "Shadow Play"). Jonas had the awkward position of being with SG-1 negotiating with his government as a foreigner. Although not treated as a traitor per se, his interaction with his former colleagues was strained. Here he reunited with his old mentor Dr. Kieran, who explained to Jonas that he was part of a rebel faction ready to overthrow the government before they could use the naquadria bomb. As the High Minister later explained, Dr. Kieran and the other scientists involved in the project had developed schizophrenia from their long-term exposure to the badly shielded radiation. There was no resistence, just delusions in Dr. Kieran's head. The SGC kept him on Earth for treatment. Dr. Fraiser then monitored Jonas's health to see if he ever developed similar symptoms. Although they once believed it manifested itself when Jonas began seeing creatures, it turned out Jonas had been exposed to an interdimensional device that allowed him to see real creatures (6.13 "Sight Unseen"). The device was later shut off and the ability ceased.

The knowledge he gleaned from reading Dr. Jackson's materials came to good use as they encountered other cultures and discovered ancient writings (6.10 "Cure", 6.18 "Forsaken", 6.20 "Memento"). Jonas kept his head when encountering enemies of Earth, such as the Goa'uld and Replicators, and fought at his teammates side (6.08 "The Other Guys", 6.12 "Unnatural Selection"). His most notable action was at the hands of Nirrti, where he temporarily took the psychic natives of the planet by surprise and tried to escape. He later defied Nirrti to her face to remain loyal to SG-1 and the planet who adopted him (6.16 "Metamorphosis").

Jonas's time in Nirrti's DNA manipulation machine had another effect. As she had noted at the time, Jonas's uniquely honed observation skills and retention abilities were advanced for humans. She believed him to be another step on the human evolutionary scale...a great specimen for her creation of a hok'taur. Although Jonas felt no ill effects after his exposure to the device, it had caused a change. Jonas began having headaches, blackouts, and nose bleeds, and experiencing precognition (6.21 "Prophecy"). Dr. Fraiser realized these new abilities were related to a tumor in his brain. If not removed, the tumor would prove fatal. Jonas resisted having the surgery, because he felt his new precognition made him valuable to the SGC. Apparently, he had never shaken his doubts in trying to prove himself. Finally, the tumor was removed, and Jonas's psychic abilities disappeared.

During the battle of Abydos, Jonas was given custody of an Ancient tablet an ascended Daniel Jackson insisted was of the highest importance (6.22 "Full Circle"). Back at the SGC, Jonas worked on translating the tablet using Dr. Jackson's notes, and believed he had found the location of a "lost city" called Vis Uban (7.01 "Fallen Part 1"). Jonas was inspired to believe the "lost city" was likely the last city listed in the Ancient Repository of Knowledge, and based on his hunch, SG-1 and SG-3 went there. While not finding a lost city, the teams encountered something...or rather, "someone" else, a recently descended and amnesiac Daniel Jackson. The teams returned with their former colleague. As Daniel regained his memories, he worked closely with Jonas on more translations as the SGC developed a plan to rid Anubis of the superweapon that had destroyed Abydos.

Jonas and Daniel snuck aboard Anubis's mothership to sabotage the shields and help destroy the weapon. Their work was discovered, and Jonas was captured before he could hide. Anubis used his memory probe on Jonas. From that he learned of naquadria and the location of Jonas's homeworld (7.02 "Homecoming Part 2"). Instead of helping protect his home from the Goa'uld, Jonas's worst fears were realized, he had led the Goa'uld to them. Daniel, still hidden, reached Jonas's cell. While the ship was damaged from attack, Jonas used the faltering power to break through the energy barrier of his cell. Then he and Daniel ringed to the planet, where they by fortuitous timing were able to rescue Sam and Teal'c. During a climactic battle with Anubis's Jaffa, Jonas shoved Daniel Jackson out of the way of a staff blast, and was struck and injured instead.

Returning Hero and Government Official

Jonas returns to SGC as Langaran Rep

After SG-1 and company repelled Anubis's attack of the planet, the three nations agreed to work together and form a three way type of United Nations to work together with one voice. The nations of Andari and Terania would only agree to the proposal if Jonas Quinn was the Kelownan representative. Instead of being treated as a traitor, Jonas was now hailed as a hero by his people. Already noting to Daniel that the formerly ascended's return had altered the dynamics of the team, Jonas graciously stepped aside. He accepted the position on Kelowna and returned home.

Jonas apparently remained in contact with Stargate Command from time to time. When the planet was approaching a catastrophic natural disaster, he turned to his former colleagues for help (7.14 "Fallout"). The planet, which now was named "Langara" (as agreed by committee) was experiencing several earthquakes, specificially in Kelowna, where the naquadria had been tested. Jonas was leading the team to figure out a way to prevent further earthquakes before they became catastrophic. He had become quite close to the female researcher, Kianna Cyr, on the project. Jonas got help from former teammates Sam Carter and Teal'c, while Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson worked on potential evacuation sites for the Langarans in case Jonas's team was unsuccessful. Luckily, Jonas's team succeeded.

Recently, Lt. Col. Carter referred to Jonas's planet, Langara, having fallen to the Ori, and the SGC was unable to contact its allies (including presumably Jonas) on the planet; therefore Jonas's current fate is unknown (10.07 "Counterstrike").

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