Jonas Quinn: Injuries Received

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Jonas post-surgery


The following list includes the various injuries and illnesses Jonas experienced during his tenure on SG-1.

Off-world Injuries

  • Pangar: falls through a railing from second story into a pool full of Goa'uld symbiotes; is able to swim to the edge. Appears stunned but not seriously hurt after Teal'c pulls him out (6.10 "The Cure").
  • Hala: twice had his mind invaded by human-form replicators. Experienced painful headaches after the experience both times.
  • P3X-367: Mentally shoved and controlled by native with added abilities. Slapped by Nirrti and exposed to her DNA manipulation machine (6.16 "Metamorphosis"). Exposure to Nirrti's manipulation machine later revealed a brain aneurysm that both caused prognosticating abilities and caused blackouts eventually almost killed him before brain surgery ended the risk and the extra abilities (6.19 "Prophecy")
  • P2X-005: zatted by escaped prisoners; later held hostage and roughly handled in trip to Stargate before leading them into a trap back at the SGC (6.18 "Forsaken")
  • Kelowna/Langara: shot in upper body by Jaffa staff weapon after pushing Daniel Jackson out of the way of the blast. The wound was treatable, but he needed to wear a sling afterwards for some time (7.02 "Homecoming Part 2")

Ship injuries

  • Anubis's ha'tak: zatted into unconsciousness; held prisoner by Anubis and forced to reveal knowledge in his mind via Anubis's memory devices; he later had no memory of what he had revealed; numbed arm and one side of his body when breaking out of the energy field keeping him in his cell (7.01 "Fallen Part 1" and 7.02 "Homecoming Part 2").

SGC Injuries

  • Various locations: exposed to interdimensional device that made him see creatures; he spread the exposure through contact, but no injuries resulted (6.13 "Sight Unseen").

Other Earth Locations

  • Antarctica: exposed to Ancient plague; almost died until healed by Ayiana (6.04 "Frozen")
  • Steveston, Oregon: zatted into unconsciousness by Goa'ulded NID member; slapped in the face by Carter who pretended to be with the Goa'uld (6.05 "Nightwalkers").

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