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Jonas enjoying Earth food


Jonas craved new experiences and took a love of learning to new levels. He was especially fascinated by Earth culture. Jonas did not have many common expressions. He tended to soak in whatever culture he was experiencing, and constantly related his observations to whatever he had studied, including his numerous references to Dr. Jackson's notes.

When people wondered about his breadth of knowledge, he often responded "I'm a quick study." Although not known for other specific verbal expressions, he would often grin widely in his excitement over new events, including his first time experiencing things for himself.

  • Transportation: None (unclear he ever received a license 6.14 "Smoke and Mirrors")
  • Food: Anything and everything. Especially fruit like bananas (6.01 "Redemption Part 1"). Had been seen dipping french fries into his milkshake (6.05 "Nightwalkers"). Also enjoyed helping Teal'c eat ice cream first ("Unnatural Selection")
  • Beverage: Tea (various episodes)
  • Television: the Weather Channel, because it was like predicting the future all around the world (various)
  • Sports: Boxing...sparred with Teal'c at least once (6.01 "Redemption"). Was a very good swimmer (6.03 "Descent").
  • Pets: Became very attached to the fish in his office (7.02 "Homecoming Part 2").

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