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Jonas, Carter, and Teal'c


Jonas had a vibrant joie de vivre. Every new experience was a source of fascination to him. Often quick witted and with an almost photographic memory amongst his keen powers of observation, Jonas was happy to do something hands on and physically active rather than just rely on his intelligence.

To that end, Jonas explained the ongoing experiments, including their need to find an advanced weapon to save their nation from the escalating cold war with its neighbors. Daniel Jackson noted: "whatever problems there are between your planet's nations, they will seem insignificant when you do find out what's going on out there" (5.21 "Meridian"). Jonas later revealed to Daniel that statement made quite an impact on him (7.02 "Homecoming Part 2")

Jonas's enthusiasm to experience life and exploration was a large facet of his personality. The other was much darker. He also appeared driven by the spectre of Daniel Jackson and his own survivor's guilt from that radiation accident of Kelowna (6.01 "Redemption Part 1", 6.02 "Redemption Part 2", 7.02 "Homecoming"). Jonas worked hard to continue Daniel's work and make a difference. Sometimes, such as when he had precognitive abilities, he took extreme risks just because he seemed he needed to prove himself (6.21 "Prophecy"). Despite this driven need, Jonas's overall outlook was very optimistic, and he tended to visit each new experience with wonder and glee.

Romantic Encounters

Nirrti and Jonas


Jonas formed an instant bond with Ayiana, the Ancient woman found frozen in Antarctica (6.04 "Frozen"). He enjoyed communicating with her, and their friendliness could have developed into something more had not fate stepped in the way. Jonas became overcome by the plague Ayiana was carrying. She healed him, and most of the others on the expedition team before falling too ill herself. She was unable to heal Colonel O'Neill, nor herself, and to Jonas's regret, died before they could spend more time together.

Zenna Valk

Jonas formed an instant connection to the archeologist Zenna Valk on Pangar (6.10 "Cure"). However, their early flirtation was doomed by the secrets of that society, and Jonas and Teal'c's investigation to uncover it. The relationship never developed further.

Lt. Evans

Jonas flirted openly with Lt. Evans of Stargate Command in the halls of the SGC (6.16 "Metamorphosis"). He tried to convince Carter to help him organize a date; her response was to call him a chickenshit for not doing it himself and lying about some Kelownan tradition to enlist her help. It is unclear if the date with Lt. Evans ever materialized.


Nirrti had an amorous interest in having Jonas Quinn by her side, especially considering his advanced cognitive abilities she had discovered in her machine (6.16 "Metamorphosis"). Jonas however rebuffed her advances, and she scornfully sent him back to the others.

Kianna Cyr

After Jonas's return home, he started to become very close with a female scientist on the naquadria/earthquake project, Kianna Cyr. Major Carter noticed their closeness, and teased Jonas about it, to which he confirmed a romance was developing. Later, he was horrified to discover Kianna was actually a Goa'uld spy, sent by Ba'al to learn about naquadria. Jonas felt betrayed, even more so when he realized that he had never known the host, only the Goa'uld. Jonas had an impact on the symbiote though, and it gave her life to save not only Jonas, but all of the planet Langara. Jonas was able to rescue her, but it was too late for the Goa'uld. However, it consciously allowed the host to live as a final gift to Jonas. It is unclear what future relationship, if any, developed between Kianna and Jonas Quinn.


Dr. Kieran of Kelowna

Dr. Kieran

Jonas was extremely close to his former professor and mentor Dr. Kieran, and was visibly hurt when Kieran first snubbed him during an initial delegation to Earth. As it turned out, Kieran believed Jonas to be one of the few people he could trust, even in his paranoid state of schizophrenia, and imagined a fictional Jonas to support him. When Jonas discovered Kieran's condition, he made sure everything possible was done to treat his old friend.


Jonas worked as special advisor to First Minister Valis. When Jonas left Kelowna, Valis considered him a traitor and was disappointed because he had such "high hopes" for the young man (6.07 "Shadow Play"). However, when the erratic conditions of the naquadria scientists became known during a pivotal time in the research, Valis thought Jonas could be of some help in keeping watch over Dr. Kieran. Jonas was leery of Valis's political machinations, but Valis agreed to allow Jonas to get Dr. Kieran the best care possible...back on Earth.


Jonas on SG-1

Jack O'Neill

Colonel Jack O'Neill blamed all of the Kelownans, including Jonas, for the death of Daniel Jackson (5.21 "Meridian"). Jonas's actions in restoring Daniel's good name and working with the SGC did work in his favor. Jonas's extraordinary efforts in saving first the planet and later in saving O'Neill and Carter allowed O'Neill to approve Jonas as one of his team (6.02 "Redemption Part 2" and 6.03 "Descent"). Even so, Jonas never quite felt accepted by O'Neill (6.05 "Nightwalkers"). He was shocked to discover from Daniel Jackson that O'Neill had described him as a good man (7.02 "Homecoming Part 2").

Samantha Carter

Samantha was cordial to Jonas after his arrival at Stargate Command, but more resistant to his ideas of joining SG-1 (6.01 "Redemption Part 1"). He gained her respect after his inspirational ideas to remove the Stargate from Cheyenne Mountain and later to suggest using a micro-hyperspace window to get it away from Earth (6.02 "Redemption Part 2"). Carter spoke on his behalf to O'Neill to join the team. As part of SG-1, Carter had a friendly and teasing relationship with Jonas, and he even tried to enlist her help in getting a date (6.05 "Nighwalkers", 6.16 "Metamorphosis").


Jonas felt an instant connection to Teal'c as the other alien member of the team (6.02 "Descent"). Teal'c was an odd sort of mentor to Jonas in his acclimation to Tau'ri culture. When Teal'c was dying from lack of a symbiote, Jonas made a point to thank him for making him feel like one of the team (6.19 "Changeling"). Teal'c, for his part, apparently truly saw his relationship with Jonas as a mentoring to a fellow brother-in-arms, by his depiction of Jonas as a probationary firefighter in his mal sharran dream.

Daniel Jackson

Arguably, Jonas's most charismatic relationship amongst SG-1 was actually with Daniel Jackson. Sharing similar fields of study, the two men instantly connected (5.21 "Meridian"). Fate stepped in the way, with Jonas first-hand witness to Daniel's self-sacrifice and as Carter pointed out to a dying Daniel, inspired Jonas to take a leap for ideals rather than politics. Jonas embraced Daniel's work and made it his own, from absorbing Daniel's notes to using his office and equipment. After Daniel's return, the two worked together well and shared some candid thoughts, despite, or perhaps because of their unusual history (7.01 "Fallen Part 1", 7.02 "Homecoming Part 2"). Daniel noted Jonas could keep the office, but Jonas graciously offered to give up SG-1 to Daniel despite his love of the job. As it turned out, Jonas received a new calling at his home planet.

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