Kel Shak Lo

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Jolan and Mitchell during Kel Shak Lo


Kel Shak Lo is the ritual battle to the death between two warriors (9.08 "Babylon"). It was used by the Sodan as a way to pass judgment when the blood of a Sodan warrior was spilled.

The Sodan kel shak lo ritual was done between the accused party and an individual chosen by the Sodan leader on the eve of the battle, often the next blood kin of the victim. The battle was engaged using krantu staffs, long staffs with curved blades on either end.

When Mitchell shot the warrior Volnek (in self defense), he was nursed back to health from his own serious injuries and engaged in training with Jolan in order to participate in the ritual. Only on the eve of battle did Mitchell discover that Jolan was Volnek's brother and would be his opponent.

Unknown to the Sodan population, Mitchell and Jolan's kel shak lo was rigged. Mitchell had convinced Jolan of the danger of the Ori, and they had become friends. Jolan mixed an elixir that caused Mitchell to appear dead for several hours. He collapsed during the battle, appearing to all to be choked to death by Jolan.


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