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Using the Ancient communication device and its stones, Vala takes over Daniel’s body at the SGC and recounts the story of what has happened to her since she was transported to the galaxy of the Ori. She is married and mysteriously pregnant, and she warns the SGC that the Ori are gathering ships and armies for a massive crusade to rid the Milky Way galaxy of its evil unbelievers.

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Mitchell, Carter, and Teal'c are startled when Vala's personality suddenly shows up at Stargate Command — in Daniel's body. She's using an Alteran communications device to contact them all the way from the Ori's home galaxy.

Gen. Landry is not as impressed as Vala might have hoped. He and Daniel are due at a critical meeting with the Russian and Chinese representatives from the International Oversight Advisory Board. He'll have to handle the tricky negotiations alone, however, because Vala insists on telling her story before she'll give up Daniel's body.

After being sucked through a black hole created by the Ori, she explains, she awoke in a village called Ver Isca, where an Ori worshipper named Tomin took her in. As she slowly got to know her honest, kind benefactor and the other devout villagers, she was content to keep a low profile.

Some time later, she discovered she was pregnant. That was odd, because she hadn't slept with Tomin — or anyone else — since her arrival. Concerned that the villagers would burn her to death for having a baby (even a miraculous one) out of wedlock, she married Tomin, hoping to convince him that the child was his.

Then the Priors conscripted her brand-new husband into a vast army to wage war against the unbelievers of the Milky Way. Genuinely upset to see the gentle Tomin turned into a crusader, Vala turned to the local anti-Ori resistance movement for help. Those rebels, wisely, didn't trust her at first, but their torturous test of her commitment was a little extreme, even for Vala. Still, she passed, so they revealed their plans for decimating the Ori army: an act of sabotage so massive that it would destroy all the Priors' newly-built warships and kill most of the army — including Tomin.

Vala believed that their actions were justified, but she still urged Tomin — unsuccessfully — to stay home on the appointed day. As things turned out, she needn't have bothered, because the sabotage failed and the resistance cell was exposed.

Now, as she tells Mitchell, Carter and Teal'c, the Ori army is ready to deploy. That means they must also have overcome the last barrier keeping Earth and its neighbors safe: the vast distance between the Ori's galaxy and the Milky Way. Somewhere in this galaxy, a working supergate must exist — a door ready to swing open and unleash an intergalactic holy war.


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