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Tok'ra Malek


Malek was a Tok'ra first introduced in the episode, 6.09 "Allegiance".

Character Biography

Malek was the leader of the Tok'ra's base in the Risa System when Anubis attacked it. The Tok'ra needed to evacuate as soon as possible, so they made it to the SGC's Alpha Site where Rebel Jaffa were also seeking safety. Unknown to them at the time, Anubis had sent an Ashrak with a personal cloaking shield through the stargate with them, so their detonation of a powerful bomb on the Risa System did not succeed in making their destination undetected. There was a great deal of animosity between the Tok'ra and the Rebel Jaffa because, as Jacob Carter/Selmak put it, "For two thousand years, every time a Tok'ra died at the end of a staff weapon, a Jaffa was holding it. We just got our asses kicked by an army of Jaffa loyal to Anubis. You think that helps?"

After the Ashrak succeeded in bringing additional tension between the Tok'ra and Rebel Jaffa by assassinating first a Tok'ra and then the Rebel Jaffa who was accused of the slain Tok'ra's death, Colonel Jack O'Neill, Malek, and Master Bra'tac did everything that they could to try to calm everyone down and formed teams with three members each to search for the Ashrak after his footprints were discovered leading away from the Rebel Jaffa's death scene. Each team had on it a representative of each group at the Alpha Site: Tau'ri, Jaffa, and Tok'ra. Eventually, after deciding to work together, the three groups were successful in eliminating the Ashrak, their bond seemingly becoming stronger after the ordeal. (6.09 "Allegiance")

Malek and his group of Tok'ra stayed at the Alpha Site for a while and soon they were called upon to help in a very significant way: the Tok'ra queen, Egeria, had been discovered alive on the planet Pangar. Unfortunately, she was being held captive by the Pangarans and forced to spawn offspring which were destined to be used in the formulation of the "miracle" drug, Tretonin. This drug was used by the Pangarans to provide them with illness-free long lives. The catch was that the drug replaced the Pangarans' immune systems and it was thus impossible to stop taking the drug without dying. Additionally, Egeria was about to die after producing all of these offspring and being held in captivity for several decades. Malek and his fellow Tok'ra, Kelmaa, went to Pangar to determine what they could do to help and to take their queen home. Kelmaa offered her host's body for Egeria to take so that she could communicate with her Tok'ra offspring before she died. Malek had the privilege to talk with Egeria and work with her to develop a cure for the adverse effects of the Tretonin, something Egeria herself had programmed into her offspring. Her last act was to save the lives of the people who had abused and killed her. Malek took her body home. (6.10 "Cure")


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