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SG-1 visits Pangar, a planet inhabited by humans who have developed a drug that makes their immune systems perfect. Unknown to SG-1 is the means by which the drug is produced, a startling discovery that may hold the key to the origins of the Tok'ra!

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SG-1 makes first contact with Pangar, which is only a few decades behind Earth technologically but has an immortality serum called tretonin that can cure any disease. In return, they want the Stargate addresses of Goa'uld homeworlds. At Stargate Command, Dr. Janet Fraiser analyzes a sample of tretonin the Pangarans gave SG-1.

Back on Pangar, Teal'c and Jonas Quinn do a little snooping as per Colonel Jack O'Neill's orders. Dr. Zenna Valk, the Pangaran archeologist studying temple ruins near the Stargate, tells Jonas there is something SG-1 should know about the tretonin. But later, she mysteriously refuses to reveal anything to him. Jonas sneaks into her tent, and discovers she is on tretonin herself. He also discovers a map of the city that marks the place were the Pangarans go to get their tretonin doses.

Jonas and Teal'c infiltrate the facility—and find a tank full of Goa'uld symbiotes! The symbiotes, with their healing power, are the secret of the tretonin. When confronted with their discovery, Representative Dollen, the Pangaran senior official, leads SG-1 into a room with a tank housing a huge Goa'uld queen with a birthing sac. The Pangarans had found the queen imprisoned in the ruins and have been tapping her for 30 years to produce symbiotes to make tretonin.

SG-1 calls in two Tok'ra allies, Malek and Kelmaa, for some symbiote expertise. They discover that the queen is dying. The reason the Pangarans wanted to go to Goa'uld homeworlds is now clear: They've depleted their queen and needed to capture another one in order to keep producing tretonin.

But Dr. Fraiser discovers that this miracle drug is dangerously addictive—replacing the human immune system, so that the subject must take larger and larger doses. And without a queen to produce the tretonin, the Pangarans could die—unless an antidote can be found.

Malek and Kelmaa say they may be able to produce something that would restore the Pangarans' original immune systems, but they wouldn't be immortal anymore. Yet the two come back stumped, saying the symbiotes contain an unidentifiable, defective gene that is causing the negative effects of the tretonin.

Meanwhile Teal'c, Jonas and Zenna make a huge discovery in the temple ruins—the queen the Pangarans had found was the original Tok'ra, Egeria, who'd been imprisoned by Ra—the Goa'uld system lord that the seminal SG-1 defeated on its first mission (in the movie Stargate).

When Malek and Kelmaa get the news, they demand the release of their queen. But the Pangarans refuse—so Kelmaa blasts her way into the tank room, jumps out of her host's body and lets Egeria in.

Egeria tells Major Carter how the queen had sabotaged her own young so the Pangarans would stop using her. She hadn't intended for anyone to die because of what she did, so, as her final act, she gives SG-1 the knowledge needed to reverse the Pangarans' condition.


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