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Fleeing a Goa'uld attack, the Tok'ra take refuge at the SGC Alpha Site, occupied by rebel Jaffa. Centuries of bad blood between the two races boils as an unseen assassin wreaks havoc on the camp. Can O'Neill stop the bloodshed before the assassin escapes with the Alpha Site's coordinates?

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While at Alpha Site on one of the few worlds to which the Goa'uld do not have the address, Colonel Jack O'Neill must compromise the location when allied Tauri (human) and Tok'ra forces are defeated by Anubis' in the Risa system. O'Neill's friend Jacob, a Tok'ra leader and Major Carter's father, says no one followed them through the Stargate or saw him dial the address. He also set off the equivalent of a tactical nuke to make sure the 'Gate stayed closed behind them.

Dr. Fraiser tends to the wounded Tok'ra while O'Neill plays host to Malek, head of the Tok'ra base that Jacob had just evacuated. O'Neill's concern is that the rebel Jaffa at Alpha Site get along with the Tok'ra. Though they are technically allies, they have a bloody history.

Trouble starts when a Jaffa asks an innocent question of a Tok'ra during a Tok'ra funeral, unaware that no one is allowed to speak during the ceremony. O'Neill convinces them that a funeral is not the place to start a battle and to show some respect.

Meanwhile, it begins to appear as though there is a saboteur at the site when Carter discovers someone has tampered with the Naquadah reactor, which would have blown had she not fixed it in time. Everyone must be questioned and since there was no trouble until the Tok'ra arrived, O' Neill has them questioned them first—using their own polygraph-type device, a Zatarc Detector.

When it is the Jaffa's turn to be questioned, Bra'tac, their leader, declines because the polygraph questions the Jaffa's loyalty. But when O'Neill explains that he, too, will take the test, Bra'tac goes along.

Everyone checks out—so who sabotaged the reactor?

Then Ocker, the Tok'ra head of security, is murdered. Artok, a Jaffa with whom Ocker had been bickering, is the prime suspect. He fails the Zatarc test so O'Neill has him locked up. Yet soon afterward, Artok is found dead as well.

O'Neill now faces a standoff with all the Tok'ra and Jaffa lined up eyeball to eyeball, ready to blast each other for the deaths of their people. Thankfully, Bra'tac finds footprints of someone fleeing into the woods. It becomes clear that someone—or something—has been playing the Jaffa and the Tok'ra against each other. Both races join to search for the true enemy.

Sometime later, Teal'c reports that one search team is dead. Frasier says they were all killed with the same mysterious blade weapon that had been used on Artok. Then Malek comes running back alone, reporting that Bra'tac has been killed by something invisible that pulled him into the bushes.

An autopsy on Ocker reveals that he and his symbiote were killed in the precise technique of what is called, according to Teal'c, an Ashrak assassin. The killer had used stealth technology to get through the 'Gate with the Tok'ra, and has been trying to divide and conquer the races.

Using the Naquadah reactor, Carter and Malek generate an electromagnetic energy field that makes the Ashrak visible. But when the generator goes offline, he is invisible once more. O'Neill commands everyone to drop and does a 360-degree machine gun spray. Yet when the generator comes back online, the Ashrak still materializes—poised to kill Malek. Just then Bra'tac kills the Ashrak with a staff weapon.

Bra'tac was not dead after all. Malek owes him his life twice now. And after an inspiring solidarity speech by Bra'tac, it looks as if the Jaffa, Tok'ra, and Tauri have finally become one in the fight against the Gou'ald.


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