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Third Alpha Site is inside a mountain on P4X-650


The Alpha Site is a secret safe-haven to which the Stargate Command (SGC) can evacuate personnel and their allies. This base also serves as an off-world laboratory and a back-up facility for off-world teams when the SGC is not available.

There have been at least three known Alpha Site locations and at least one additional Beta Site. The Alpha Sites were not occupied simultaneously, but consecutively as they were compromised.

During various periods, the rebel Jaffa and Tok’ra lived along side the Tau’ri at these bases.

Stargate References

Location and Purpose

The first introduction of the concept of an alternate site was when Dr. Daniel Jackson was transported to an alternate universe through the Quantum Mirror. In that universe, the Earth was under attack and the Stargate Agency (their version of the SGC) was in the process of sending its world leaders, scientists, and doctors (Genesis list) off-world to a "Beta Site" for safety. (1.20 "There But For The Grace Of God")

Apparently back in our universe, the SGC either had a similar good idea or got it from Dr. Jackson's debrief after his return. To escape Apophis' doomed ship after the team embarked on a covert mission to save Earth, Dr. Jackson used Earth as a point of origin and fled through the ship's Stargate to the same address in the alternate universe, P3X-984, which turns out to be our SGC's Alpha Site, also. (1.22 “Within The Serpent’s Grasp”)

The Alpha and Beta sites are chosen from addresses added to the Stargate dialing program by Col. O'Neill when he possessed the Ancients' knowledge. These addresses are not known by the Goa'uld. (2.16 "The Fifth Race")

Protocol dictates that if a team cannot return to Earth, they are to proceed to the Alpha Site. (8.10 "Endgame")

Description of the Alpha Site (P3X-984)

Alpha Site Camp
Site is powered by naquadah reactor
Stargate on P3X-984

The first Alpha Site looks remarkably like the northwestern portion of the United States. Filled with pine trees, the Alpha Site sits in a clearing close to the Stargate. The military-issue quonset huts are arranged in a loose circle. The rebel Jaffa make their camp, nearby. The base includes an infirmary, a lockdown, and several laboratories. The facility is powered by a naquadah reactor.

Moving In

The first record of a mass assignment to the Alpha Site was during Apophis's attack on Earth. The “alpha list” was compiled of the "best we have in all fields of expertise." The list was made up of at least 13 "Alpha Teams." Each team consists of about a dozen men and women. Major Castleman coordinated the move from the Alpha Site with Tech Sgt. Harriman coordinating from the SGC. (2.01 "The Serpent's Lair Part 2")

It could be argued that this was not a permanent base. When Col. O'Neill goes undercover during the rogue-NID sting, O'Neill confesses to Dr. Jackson that "Hammond and I were planning a secondary SGC base off-world. It was going to serve as a backup in case ours was attacked. I was going to command." (3.18 "Shades of Grey") This might suggest that initially, the Alpha Site was not a permanent command, but a temporary outpost during a threat to Earth and it wasn't until after this incident that a permanent base was established. This would explain why we don't hear about the Alpha Site again for almost two years. Additionally, when Teal’c, Carter, and O’Neill escape the Asgard ship, they go to P4X-234. Did they go there because there wasn’t an Alpha Site or because they don’t want to risk the Replicators following them?

Hammond's Speech to the Alpha List

Ladies and Gentlemen, as you have all been made aware this nation, the entire world, faces a deadly threat. With this knowledge, you have all volunteered for a mission intended to preserve human kind. You have been chosen because you represent the best we have in all fields of expertise. What you have not been told, for reasons of security, is where you're going or how you are going to get there. [Stargate kawooshes!] You're going to step through that [the Stargate]. Once through the Stargate, you will find yourself on the opposite side of this galaxy. A place we call the Alpha Site. If we do not prevail, you, and those that follow, will call it "home". A new colony. Godspeed. (2.01 "The Serpent's Lair Part 2")

Additional References to the First Alpha Site

A giant asteroid is hurtling towards Earth! It is Armageddon! By order of the President, the "Alpha Team" is evacuated to the Alpha Site. Major Paul Davis coordinates the evacuation. General Hammond orders O'Neill to take command of the Alpha Site if he should survive his mission and Earth does not. Dr. Janet Fraiser, Tech Sgt. Walter Harriman, and the three engineers that repaired the Al'kesh on Ravanna, including Spellman, were also evacuated to the Alpha Site.

General Hammond refused to abandon his post. He claimed that "If that asteroid hits, the only chance for the survival of the human race will rest with the Alpha Site. We limited their number because they'll have limited resources. Everyone will have to contribute." (5.17 "Failsafe")

When the Goa'uld Anubis attempts to tie up the gate by maintaining a constant wormhole, Carter programs the dialing computer to dial the Alpha Site immediately after the incoming wormhole closes. (6.01 "Redemption Part 1")

Escaping yet another Tok'ra base under attack, the surviving Tok'ra, including Jacob Carter/Selmak, arrive at the Alpha Site under fire. The Tok'ra are not impressed with the very basic living conditions of the base and tension on the base is high. Chaos breaks out when several Jaffa and Tok'ra are killed. It is discovered that an ashrak, a Goa'uld assassin, is in their midst. When Bra'tac kills the ashrak he extorts the three groups to cooperate. (6.09 "Allegiance")

This reference is questionable. Three months before Dr. Daniel Jackson returns to human form, he witnesses Bra'tac and Rya'c attempting to return to an Alpha Site when they were captured on Erebus. Were they attempting to return to the first Alpha Site or had the site already been relocated? Later Col. O'Neill relocates the rescued Jaffa slaves to the Alpha Site, but this could be assumed to be the second site. (7.04 "Orpheus")

Abandoning The First Alpha Site

The SGC abandoned the first Alpha Site sometime after Jonas Quinn was captured and his mind probed by Anubis. (7.02 "Homecoming")

Destruction of the Second Alpha Site

Carter and Jacob/Selmak develop weapon in lab
Stargate is toppled by naquadah reactor explosion
SG-1 examines debris

Major Samantha Carter and her father, Jacob Carter, were developing a new weapon to defend against the new super soldiers. The site was attacked by a fleet of ships and subsequently destroyed. The buildings were razed to the ground and the Stargate was thrown off its base. Colonel Riley, commander of the Alpha Site, ordered an evacuation to the Beta Site and initiated the self-destruct.

At the time the site was destroyed there were more than 90 people occupying the site. (The Beta site reports 90 people missing.) It is unknown what the exact mix of Jaffa, Tok'ra, and Tau'ri were during this occupation, but from the discussion between the Tok'ra Delek and Hammond we know that of the 90 reported missing, 77 were human, five Tok’ra, and with the remaining eight being Jaffa.

SG-1, SG-11 (last known to be commanded by Col. Edwards), SG-3 (commanded by Col. Reynolds), and SG-21 were assigned on a rescue mission to the Alpha Site. They discover Major Green, the base's second-in-command and a dozen survivors.

General Hammond ordered an investigation of the leak that exposed the Alpha Site. This reveals a growing distrust between the Jaffa, Tok'ra, and Tau'ri. The investigation did not reveal the source of the leak.

The Tok'ra use the excuse of their dwindling numbers to withdraw from the Alliance. Although still Tau’ri allies, the rebel Jaffa chose to start their own colony rather than continue to live under the protection of the Tau'ri. (7.22 "Death Knell")

It is assumed that neither Jaffa nor Tok'ra followed the SGC to the Third Alpha Site.

The Third Alpha Site (P4X-650)

Stargate and control room
Secondary control room with star map
F-302 hangar

With the destruction of the Second Alpha Site, a third Alpha Site was selected from the list of Ancient gate addresses. It is not known if it was a Beta Site or an entirely new site.

Description of the Third Alpha Site

A third Alpha Site was built on P4X-650, some 640 light years away from Earth. It is inside a mountain and contains several chambers including living quarters, a command center, a Stargate room, a medical facility, science lab, and a large interior hangar which house the F-302 fighters.

The Alpha Site gate room is much smaller than the SGC's gate room and does not appear to have a separate control room. A DHD sits in the gate room, but the gate is controlled by computers on a desk only a few yards from the gate. A separate secondary control room with a star map is located nearby, but not adjacent to the gate room.

The new location is considerably more secure than the original Alpha Site with the entire facility hidden under a mountain, including the F-302 hangar bay. On the outside, huge blast doors protect the hangar. Outside the doors on a large landing pad, several trucks are parked.

More of the Alpha Site is revealed when Replicator Carter comes to our galaxy and Carter brings her to the Alpha Site for questioning. (8.11 "Gemini"). For security, Carter recommends that the Alpha Site is reduced to a "...skeleton crew, security personnel only," but there are clearly at least four technicians and at least eight guards still on site while Carter and Replicator Carter are working on modifying the Ancient disruptor weapon.

Additional References to the Third Alpha Site

During Anubis's attack of Earth, Vice-President Kinsey attempted to escape to the Alpha Site. (7.22 "Lost City Part 2")

During the "Avenger" virus debacle, when the gate system was disabled, Dr. Jackson evacuated the inhabitants of P3L-997 to the Alpha Site. (7.09 "Avenger 2.0")

While the SGC is in lockdown, due to Col. Vaselov's mysterious condition, General O'Neill sends the off-planet teams to the Alpha Site. (8.03 "Lockdown")

When industrialist/philanthropist Alec Colson threatens to reveal the Stargate Program, Carter attempts to show him how important it is that the Stargate Program be kept secret by taking him on a tour of the Alpha Site and a joy-ride in an F-302. When the Trust destroys his credibility and life, he is offered permanent residence at the Alpha Site. (8.08 "Covenant")

After the Trust steals the Stargate, the off-world teams, including Teal'c on a diplomatic mission to the rebel Jaffa, follow protocol and head to the Alpha Site. Colonel Pierce was the commanding officer and Dr. Harris the medical officer. (8.10 "Endgame")

When Replicators infiltrated the SGC base, everyone was evacuted "topside" except for Gen. O'Neill, Col. Reynolds, Sgt. Siler, and five other men. In order to avoid the nuclear bomb which was about to be sent down the facility's silo, Gen. O'Neill asked that Sgt. Siler dial out, presumably to the Alpha Site. The SGC base was not blown to bits because the Replicators were destroyed by an energy wave which originated on the planet Dakara and was translated through the incoming wormhole of the Stargate. (8.17 "Reckoning Part 2")

When Anubis obtained control of the Ancients' weapon on Dakara, the SGC attempted to dial the Alpha Site in order to prevent the weapon's life-destroying energy wave from being translated through the Stargate on Dakara to Earth. They weren't able to dial the Alpha Site, however, because the Stargate was dialed by the one on Dakara. Anubis was stopped by Oma Desala and all of the Stargates in the galaxy were disconnected from the one on Dakara. (8.18 "Threads")

When a malfunction of the Stargate was suspected, all outstanding SG teams were told to use the Alpha Site until further notice. As it turned out, the malfunction did not originate from the SGC's Stargate, but was the result of dialing P3X-584 which had a device attached to it which sent the travelers to a different Stargate (likened to "call forwarding"). (9.09 "Prototype")

When several teams from alternate realities began showing up in the SGC's reality, all off-world teams were told to report to the Alpha Site as all traffic to and from the SGC was discontinued until a solution could be found. Fortunately, all the alternate teams were sent home to their realities, the confluence was closed, and normal operations resumed at the SGC. (9.13 "Ripple Effect")

The Alpha Site was used as a relay point from the Midway Space Station of the Intergalactic Gate Bridge between the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies to transmit a message from the Daedalus to Stargate Command. (SGA 3.11 "The Return Part 2")

Current Status

The current status of the Alpha Site is active. It is manned by a small contingent of Air Force personnel, including F-302 pilots and their mechanics, gate technicians, and one displaced billionaire, Alec Colson.


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