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Meurik was the governor of Camelot.

Character Biography

Meurik was the leader, called governor, of Camelot. He greeted the newcomers, SG-1, with open arms and invited them to a meal at the village tavern. However, Meurik was a superstitious man, and when the conversation turned to Merlin, he took his leave. Meurik feared Merlin was an evil wizard, and his magic dangerous. He also feared for his people. No one entered Merlin's library for fear of the fabled Black Knight. These strangers were interested in a place that could put the village in danger.

This fear came to pass when SG-1 and the village historian Antonius entered the library after dark. The Black Knight appeared and killed Antonius. Angry that the newcomers did not respect their ways, Meurik ordered SG-1 to leave. They did not heed him immediately, but tried to speak to others. When Meurik found out, he and many of the village, including his wife, gathered and ordered them again to leave; this time Meurik threatened SG-1 with an escort. Daniel Jackson tried to explain there was no magic involved in this, but was interrupted when SG-1 suddenly disappeared (in the Odyssey's transport beam).

Meurik was startled when the Black Knight appeared again, terrorizing the village, but then observed Cameron Mitchell leaving Merlin's library and attempt to battle with the knight. He did not interfere, even when seeing Mitchell was clearly unable to fight back against the hologram and his energy infused sword. In shock, he witnessed the girl Valencia pull the sword from the stone, helping Mitchell.

When he entered Merlin's library to invite Cameron and Daniel to a feast to honor Valencia and them both as those who defeated the Black Knight, Meurik was shocked at the treasure inside. The two SG-1 members were interested in none of it. Their quest, to Meurik's surprise, was for the Sangreal. Meurik explained that was the quest Arthur and his knights were on, traveling to Castiana, Sahal, and Vagonbrei. The pair should wait for Arthur's return. With the curse of the Black Knight lifted and the Sword pulled from the stone, Arthur and his knights should return soon. As Daniel Jackson attempted to explain that there was no curse, no magic, to Meurik, he and Cameron Mitchell disappeared once again (from the Korolev's transport beam).


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