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Valencia was a teenage girl who lived in Camelot, sister to Ramus. She is the one who pulled the Sword from the Stone in the village square.

Character Biography

Valencia lived in Camelot. She helped train her younger brother to become a knight. Valencia herself was quite proficient in weapons, a fact noted by Cameron Mitchell when he watched Valencia and Ramus spar. Valencia was flattered by the compliment. Grateful for the training tips Cameron showed them, Valencia and Ramus led Cameron and Daniel to Merlin's library. However, as Valencia explained, the place was magicked and only the town historian Antonius had the key.

Despite her ability at sword fighting, Valencia professed to show no interest in becoming a knight. That was the work of the men when King Arthur returned and readied them for the next quest. When her brother would come of age, he, like every young man would attempt to pull the sword from the stone. Legend told that only the one who was pure of heart would be able to pull it free. When that happened, it was foretold that Arthur would return. She ceased speaking when the governor, Meurik, approached.

Later, Valencia was shocked when she entered the village square and discovered Cameron Mitchell trying and failing to fight the fabled (and holographic) Black Knight. She called to Meurik and the other villagers to help the Colonel, who was losing the battle. When no one else stepped forward, she ran to the stone. Desperate to help, she tugged and the sword easily slipped out of the stone. Not pausing, she ran towards the battle at the other end of the square, tossing the weapon to Mitchell just before the Black Knight attempted to strike a killing blow. Mitchell caught the sword and was able to block the blow.

Valencia was hailed as a hero by the village for being the one who fulfilled the prophecy and helped Cameron and Daniel defeat the Black Knight.


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