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Col. Reynolds explains Lt. Mooney's kassa addiction


Lt. Mooney is a member of SG-3, under the command of Col. Reynolds, and became accidentally addicted to the genetically-altered corn called kassa. (9.16 "Off The Grid")

Character Biography

Reports were coming into Stargate Command, as well as the Free Jaffa Interim Council, that human populations throughout the galaxy were showing erratic behavior. The cause of this erratic behavior was discovered by accident when SG-3 visited a planet where a fight broke out in a marketplace when supplies of the kassa grew low. Curious as to why the plant was in such high demand, Lt. Mooney tasted a sample and quickly became addicted to it, describing it as "sweet corn heaven." Col. Reynolds conducted an investigation and obtained the Stargate address presumed to be the source of the plant and SG-1 was sent there to find out who was behind its distribution.

Reynolds and his team had to physically restrain Mooney to get him back to the SGC because his cravings were extremely strong. He was placed under medical supervision while Dr. Lee analyzed the kassa sample SG-3 brought back. Lee discovered that the kassa was genetically altered with a highly addictive psycho-stimulant. SG-1 discovered that it was the Lucian Alliance which was growing and distributing the produce in order to maintain control over several poor populations throughout the galaxy.


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