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Lucian Alliance fleet


The Lucian Alliance was once a large coalition of former smugglers and mercenaries who banded together to take advantage of the power vacuum left by the demise of the Goa'uld (9.04 "The Ties That Bind"). At one time they were a serious threat to the Free Jaffa Nation and to the Tau'ri, but in-fighting and the Ori crusade in the Milky Way saw a major upheaval in their command structure. (10.15 "Bounty") A few years after the end of the Ori war, a regrouped Alliance attacked and destroyed Icarus Base, but suffered a great loss when their attacking fleet got caught in the explosion that resulted when the planet's unstable naquadria core went critical. (Stargate Universe: 1.01 "Air Part 1")

Stargate References

SG-1 Meets the Alliance

When the space thief Vala Mal Doran stole the Prometheus, she intended to trade the ship to two Oranians named Tenat and Jup for a case of weapons grade refined naquadah. Daniel Jackson, the only crewmember left onboard Earth's ship, successfully confined Vala to the brig and went out to meet the two aliens on a planet that Vala had programmed into the ship's systems to land upon. Tenat and Jup met Daniel outside the ship, but Daniel soon discovered that Vala had lied to him about who these two aliens were. She had told him that they were landing on her homeworld to transport refugees who were attempting to flee from Ba'al's forces. Daniel introduced himself as "Hans Olo" and tried to break off the deal, but the two aliens drew their weapons on him. To make the situation even worse, death gliders began firing upon the defenseless ship. Daniel zatted the two aliens and left them beside their case of naquadah as he began to start procedures to put the ship into hyperspace, but the gliders had inflicted too much hull damage to make that possible. Fortunately, the remaining members of the Prometheus crew came to Daniel's rescue in the al'kesh to which Vala had abandoned them when she stole their ship. (8.12 "Prometheus Unbound")

Somehow, Tenat and Jup lost the case of naquadah. This naquadah was extremely expensive and it belonged to the Lucian Alliance. One of the leaders of the Alliance, Vosh, placed a bounty on Vala's head, wanting her dead or alive, in order to make her an example of all those who defy the Alliance. Tenat and Jup were given the chance to capture Vala and her partner, Hans Olo. They set off in their cargo ship to search for her after putting the word out about the bounty. (9.04 "The Ties That Bind")

Vala knew how the Alliance approached their problems and devised a plan to get the cargo ship back from Tenat so that she could give it back to its original owner, a smuggler named Caius. She agreed to get the cargo ship back for Caius because of a string of deals she needed to undo in order to get information about how to sever the physiological bond she had with Daniel that was established through her use of "kor mak" bracelets. Vala devised a plan where Col. Mitchell and Teal'c would pose as bounty hunters who had captured her and her partner and were seeking the reward of a case of weapons grade naquadah. While Jup took Daniel and Vala onboard the cargo ship, Tenat and Mitchell and Teal'c held their weapons on each other awaiting the ringing down of the reward. Once onboard the cargo ship, Daniel and Vala overpowered Jup and ringed him down at the same time they ringed Mitchell and Teal'c up. They promptly took off with the ship. There was never a case of naquadah to trade because the Alliance would not trust them with it after they lost the other one. (9.04 "The Ties That Bind")

Tenat knew that there was a possibility that he would be double-crossed, so he had arranged to have a portion of the Alliance's fleet meet the cargo ship not far from the planet. Because Caius had made several upgrades to the cargo ship's systems, most of which were designed to evade capture, Vala and her partners made their escape and gave the ship back to Caius. (9.04 "The Ties That Bind")

Alliance Runs Kassa Market

The SGC discovered that there was a highly-addictive corn crop called kassa being distributed to several human populations throughout the galaxy. Even the Free Jaffa Nation's Interim High Council had heard reports of eratic behavior among these human populations. After one of the members of SG-3 inadvertantly became addicted to the corn, Gen. Landry sent SG-1 undercover to the planet that was supposedly the origin of the crop, P6G-452. SG-1 met a kassa farmer in the middle of his field while he was harvesting a cartload of the crop. Mitchell arranged a meeting with the farmer's boss, Worrel, to attempt to gain information about who was distributing the corn. He posed as a drug dealer and asked for a large quantity of the crop for his buyers. Worrel grew suspicious of Mitchell's act and put him into custody. The remaining members of SG-1 extracted him from Worrel's headquarters, but while they were in the process of dialing the Stargate, both the Stargate and the DHD were beamed away. Worrel captured SG-1 and began torturing them for the whereabouts of the Stargate. (9.16 "Off the Grid")

As it turned out Worrel was working for Netan of the Lucian Alliance. Netan was one of the most powerful of the leaders among the Alliance, commanding a large fleet of ha'tak vessels. Eventually, Netan notified Worrel that SG-1 was of no use to them because Netan did not believe that they had stolen the Stargate. Worrel's men were about the kill the team when they were beamed away in the nick of time by Col. Emerson of the Odyssey. SG-1 learned that Ba'al had been stealing the Stargates and tracked his ha'tak down. Netan, using his vast network, found out the same information. He took three of his ha'tak to intercept Ba'al's ha'tak. Soon the Odyssey found itself in the middle of a potential battlefield. SG-1 had beamed aboard Ba'al's ha'tak and was tagging all of the Stargates and DHDs with locator beacons so that the Odyssey could beam them away. SG-1 escaped Ba'al's ha'tak through one of the Stargates right before Netan's ha'tak destroyed Ba'al's ship (with several of Ba'al's clones onboard). Netan was prepared to fire upon the Odyssey since Emerson had fired upon his ship with rail guns to prevent them from firing upon Ba'al's ship while SG-1 was still onboard, but Emerson quickly left the scene through hyperspace. Netan was angry because a large portion of his crop would rot since he no longer had a Stargate on P6G-452 to distribute it. (9.16 "Off the Grid")

The SGC began researching a new insect that was appearing on various planets. These bugs were extremely voracious and the SGC entertained the idea that they could be genetically altered to go after the kassa crops. After an experiment at the Gamma Site went awry and the bugs turned into carnivores, the SGC had to rethink their options. They found out that the bugs were sent by the Priors of the Ori to worlds that had not been easily convinced to convert to Origin. After the bugs had eaten all of the vegetation and had gone through a short starvation period, they automatically switched to carnivores and ate the human populations. The SGC's R&D department are currently working on a solution to target these bugs without harming other plant and animal life. (9.17 "The Scourge")

Alliance Enters Ori War

Teal'c urges Netan to join battle against Ori
Carter rescues Teal'c from Alliance
Odyssey witnesses Alliance destroy their own ha'tak

Despite the grudge that Netan held against SG-1, when it came to fighting against the Ori, the Lucian Alliance sided with those of Earth. Teal'c purposely had himself captured by Netan when he penetrated the Alliance's territory in a cargo ship in order to request that Netan join the battle against an Ori invasion fleet. Netan was prepared to kill Teal'c on the spot, but Teal'c gained the upper hand against those who held him and ended up pointing a gun at Netan's head. This action and Teal'c's urgent words convinced Netan to take three of his ha'tak to the site of the Ori's invasion. They joined two of Earth's ships, the Odyssey and the Korolev, several ha'tak of the Free Jaffa, and an O'Neill-Class Asgard vessel in the battle against four Ori Warships. (9.20 "Camelot Part 2")

Of the three ha'tak that Netan brought to the battle, only his remained when the four Ori warships continued on after decimating the allied fleet. After several hours of repair, Teal'c contacted the Odyssey, which had also suvived the battle. Netan stopped his communications with the Odyssey and had him taken as prisoner, torturing him with a Goa'uld pain stick because he was angry at the destruction of part of his fleet. (10.01 "Flesh and Blood Part 3")

Since the Odyssey and Netan's ha'tak were the only ones left that had life support capabilities, Col. Emerson and SG-1's Mitchell asked that Netan work with them in rescuing survivors of the other ships who were sending out distress beacons. Netan instead insisted that Emerson surrender the Odyssey or be destroyed. His threat was empty, however, because he did not have any weapons with which to destroy Earth's ship. Joined by two operational ha'tak, Netan again threatened the Odyssey with destruction, but Bra'tac arrived with three ha'tak and demanded that Netan stand down or engage in battle. Outnumbered, Netan had his two newly-arrived ha'tak destroy his crippled one rather than have it available for rescue efforts and then they left the scene through hyperspace. Fortunately, the Odyssey's beaming technology was repaired in time to rescue Teal'c before the Alliance's ha'tak was completely destroyed. Netan, however, most likely believed that Teal'c was killed in the blast. (10.01 "Flesh and Blood Part 3")

Mitchell Infiltrates Alliance

With the destruction of Netan's ha'tak at the site of the Ori's invasion, the Odyssey was the only ship that survived the galaxy's defense against the Ori's first wave of four warships. To the Lucian Alliance, the Odyssey was a formidable ship and represented the Tau'ri's strength. If the Odyssey could be destroyed, it would send a message to Earth that the Alliance was stronger. After more of the Alliance's planets fell to the Ori, the failing kassa production due to drought and floods, and the reduction of the Alliance's fleet in the battle with the Ori, some of Netan's men were starting to doubt his leadership. (10.09 "Company of Thieves")

One such man was Anateo. He had asked for more territory after some of his fell to the Ori. When Netan sent him to destroy the Odyssey, he most likely felt that Anateo would be killed in the battle. Even so, Netan gave Anateo a strategy that would give him a better chance at destroying the ship. They fed false information to the Free Jaffa who then, in turn, told the SGC that the Ori had built a second Supergate. The location given was near a neutron star that produced a gravitional force that reduced the ship's shields. Anateo's ships fired upon the weakened ship, forcing it into a mine field that caused additional damage. Anateo's men boarded the ship via a ring transporter and took over, killing Col. Emerson to force Carter to help them make repairs and to set a trap for the rest of SG-1. Anateo believed that capturing the Odyssey and SG-1 would prove his leadership capabilities and that he'd take Netan's place. (10.09 "Company of Thieves")

Anateo used the Odyssey's subspace beacon and recorder as bait for the rest of SG-1. Mitchell, Daniel, Teal'c, and Vala went on a search for the Odyssey and tracked the beacon to a planet that had affiliation with the Alliance. Vala and Daniel met one of her contacts on the planet, Borzin, and tried to get more information about who had given him the beacon. Borzin turned Daniel and Vala over to Solek, Anateo's right-hand man. Borzin accompanied Solek, Daniel, and Vala back to the Odyssey where he expected to get paid for capturing part of SG-1, but he unwittingly walked into a trap because Anateo didn't plan to pay him. Borzin was totally clueless when Anateo ordered Solek to "take care" of him. In addition to Solek, Anateo had about fourteen other men with him on the Odyssey, one of whom was Teresh, who manned one of the bridge stations. (10.09 "Company of Thieves")

After Daniel and Vala were captured, Mitchell and Teal'c returned to the SGC to report what they had learned. They enlisted the help of Maj. Escher who had extensive background on the Alliance's organization. According to Escher, "Each division of Lucian Alliance territory is controlled by one of Netan's lieutenants, or "seconds", as they're called. There are about twenty such individuals overseeing operations including smuggling, extortion, racketeering, and of course, trafficking in kassa." Among these seconds was Kefflin, one of Netan's most loyal and trusted men. He oversaw a large kassa production operation on a remote group of planets on the outskirts of the galaxy. Kefflin was said to be a brutal killer with a notorious temper, as well as a recluse who stayed onboard his command ship, rarely seen by any of the other seconds. Mitchell proposed infiltrating Netan's organization in order to determine where the Odyssey was and recapture it. Using the Reol chemical that produces illusions, Mitchell succeeded in his undercover mission by impersonating Kefflin. Teal'c, however, was captured by one of Netan's men, Vashin, when the cloak on his cargo ship failed. Netan wasn't surprised to see him, no doubt having heard that Teal'c survived his ship's destruction. Mitchell, as Kefflin, asked to "torture" Teal'c for information on why he was spying on them, and Netan approved, knowing Kefflin's brutal nature and delight in causing another's pain. (10.09 "Company of Thieves")

Mitchell "tortures" Teal'c as Kefflin

Mitchell used the information from Daniel and Vala's contact with Borzin as a way to convince Netan that he had succeeded in torturing Teal'c for information. When he, as Kefflin, revealed that Anateo had captured the Odyssey instead of destroying it and intended to capture SG-1 as well, Netan's other seconds were amazed. Gavos, one of the most outspoken of Netan's seconds, challenged Netan's strategy concerning Anateo and the Odyssey and Netan killed him in front of the others with his handgun. (10.09 "Company of Thieves")

While all of this was happening on Netan's ha'tak, Daniel, Vala, and Carter regained control of the Odyssey. Vala beamed Anateo out into space and Solek was also transported to parts unknown. The rest of Anateo's men were accounted for and were under watch in the same cargo hold in which they had imprisoned the crew. The Odyssey was greatly damaged, but the crew worked diligently to restore hyperdrive and defense capabilities. Although Carter was the ranking officer on the ship, the crew also looked to Daniel as one in authority. (10.09 "Company of Thieves")

Netan ordered the rest of his seconds who were on his ha'tak, Slaviash, Rameris, Karug, and Millic, to locate the Odyssey immediately. Amazingly, though, it was Tenat who found Earth's ship and he accompanied Netan's ha'tak with his own to the Odyssey's location. Tenat, however, had recognized Mitchell, so the two of them made a deal to keep Mitchell's identity a secret from Netan and share the goods from Mitchell's alleged scam. (10.09 "Company of Thieves")

Mitchell had used the Reol Ring on Tenat at the time they parted and when he boarded Tenat's ha'tak, he gave the illusion that he was Netan. Knowing that Netan intended to destroy the Odyssey, Mitchell ordered Tenat to fire on Netan's ha'tak instead. Tenat was confused, but complied when he thought that Netan had promised him he'd receive vast territories to command. Netan contacted Tenat's ship and demanded to know why he was firing on his ship. Tenat, realizing he had been duped, could only stutter in response. Netan destroyed Tenat's ship as the Odyssey escaped into hyperspace after beaming Mitchell and Teal'c over. Netan's position of leadership had been challenged once again by SG-1, and, no doubt, he began planning his revenge. (10.09 "Company of Thieves")

The Shake-Up in the Alliance's Power Structure

After SG-1 destroyed a third transport full of kassa, it was apparent that they weren't going to stop their operations against the Alliance. Realizing that SG-1 was undermining his power, Netan put out a bounty on each member of the team. Several bounty hunters and assassins entered the hunt:

Bounty Hunter Odai Ventrell
Alien bounty hunter killed by Odai Ventrell
Alien bounty hunter killed by Odai Ventrell
Bounty Hunter after Daniel
Cha'ra and Teal'c battle with hidden assassin
Sniper Assassin after Carter

The Alliance made it easy for the hunters to track down the members of SG-1 by tagging them with a radioactive isotope when they were on the last kassa transport they destroyed. Bounty Hunter Odai Ventrell managed to eliminate two Serrakin bounty hunters in their cargo ship before making it to Earth. Ventrell also eliminated an Oranian bounty hunter inside the school building where Mitchell and Vala were attending Mitchell's twentieth high school class reunion. The Oranian bounty hunter used a mimicking device that changed his appearance to be that of Phil, one of Mitchell's classmates, whom he attacked in the parking lot. Once inside, "Phil" also attacked Gary Walesco when he got too close to identifying him as an imposter. Ventrell attacked another of Mitchell's classmates in the parking lot to obtain his clothes, killed the Oranian, and hid the alien's body in a closet before cornering Mitchell in the corridor while Mitchell was talking to Gen. Landry on the pay phone. (10.15 "Bounty")

Daniel was doing research in a museum on Earth and was accosted by an attractive woman who propositioned him. As soon as her body language changed when he turned her down, Daniel went into self-defense mode and quickly got away from her as she fired a small hand-held weapon (similar to the weapon used by Zatarc assassins in 4.05 "Divide and Conquer") at him. She used her transporter from her cloaked cargo ship to rematerialize near him as he stood in the middle of the street. When he raised his hands in surrender after she threatened to kill a mother and her baby nearby, she began to cross the street, but was struck and killed by a bus. (10.15 "Bounty")

Teal'c managed to fight off his assassin who hid in the bushes near the DHD on a Jaffa planet. His fellow Jaffa Cha'ra stood next to him in their brief battle, but even so, Teal'c was slightly wounded in the side. Using this wound as an excuse for him to lay a trap for the assassin to return to finish him off, Teal'c instructed Cha'ra to spread the word that he was seriously wounded. Taking the bait, the assassin entered the tent and Teal'c zatted him, finding that he had disguised himself as a Jaffa, but was apparently a human with a fake forehead tattoo. (10.15 "Bounty")

The assassin who located Carter found her and Dr. Lee at a conference where they were demonstrating advances in defense technology, including an Asgard-like holographic system called the Chimera Optics Projection System (COPS) and a plasma cannon called the X-699. The sniper tried to kill Carter as she appeared on stage to demonstrate the COPS, but she was actually a holographic projection. She quickly got Lee's X-699 and managed to take the assassin out with one shot. (10.15 "Bounty")

Ventrell managed to take Mitchell, Vala, and Mitchell's classmates hostage in the gym where the reunion was being held. The rest of SG-1 gathered together, located Ventrell's cloaked cargo ship in a nearby field, and used Carter's COPS to fake their ringing down into the gym as a trade for the hostages. Ventrell ringed up with them to his ship, but was surprised to find that Carter, Teal'c, and Daniel were already there, holding weapons against him. Amazingly, Mitchell convinced Ventrell that the Lucian Alliance was prime for take over by anyone willing to be bold enough to take it and let the bounty hunter go. Ventrell raided Netan's ha'tak and killed him. With Netan's death, his seconds were left to vie for his position, allowing Ventrell the opportunity to gain the great wealth he desired. (10.15 "Bounty")

The Alliance Regroups and Attacks Icarus Base

Hammond in battle over Icarus Base
Icarus Base defense during the attack
Alliance Fleet destroyed at Icarus Base

The Lucian Alliance apparently regrouped after Netan's fall, with a constant struggle for power that meant that no one individual remained at the top for long. Among one of the most powerful and brutal of the warlords was Massin. His daughter Kiva was given command of a base established on a former Goa'uld-controlled planet with a naquadria core. Her project's goal paralleled that of the Icarus Project: to dial the nine-chevron code. For a while, Stargate Command had one of their men working undercover within the Alliance, and he remained with them for the "better part of a year." Eight months into his undercover assignment, Col. David Telford chose to keep his cover and decided not to warn Stargate Command of the Alliance's planned attack on P2S-569. Thirty-seven people were killed, but upon Telford's return, he was absolved of any wrong-doing. Apparently Telford was the contact inside the Alliance that gave Stargate Command information about the naquadria-rich planet within the Alliance's territory that eventually became the home of Icarus Base. (Stargate Universe: 1.14 "Human", 1.18 "Subversion")

After Eli Wallace solved the problem of how to draw energy from the highly unstable naquadria core, a demonstration to political dignitaries was planned so that they could witness the results of the US government's $1.6 billion investment in the Icarus Project. Telford was given command of the team that was to go through the Stargate to the unknown destination. It was on this very day that a fleet of Alliance ships attacked and destroyed Icarus Base. (Stargate Universe: 1.01 "Air Part 1")

Lt. Gen. Jack O'Neill of Homeworld Security had to determine how it was that the highly secret location of the Base had been divulged, and at the same time, he had to coordinate the recovery of his people who had escaped to an unknown destination through the Stargate. Little did he know at the time, but the Alliance had discovered Telford's cover and brainwashed him to spy for them instead. Not only did Telford supply Commander Kiva with Stargate Command's dialing computers, but he also divulged the nine-chevron code's destination: Destiny. The Alliance claimed that the Ancients meant for the Destiny to be shared, but true to their power-hungry nature, they intended to take the Destiny for themselves. (Stargate Universe: 1.01 "Air Part 1", 1.02 "Air Part 2", 1.18 "Subversion")

The attack on Icarus Base caused the planet's highly unstable naquadria core to go critical, and the Alliance fleet was utterly destroyed in the explosion. The Icarus Base personnel evacuated through the Stargate and ended up aboard the Ancient spaceship Destiny as a result of dialing the nine-chevron code. Unfortunately, the 80+ evacuees were billions of light years away with insufficient power to dial home to Earth. (Stargate Universe: 1.01 "Air Part 1")

Commander Kiva's Base Evacuates to Destiny

Because Telford had been brainwashed, his connections via the communication stones weren't stable. Some of his memories bled over into the subconscious mind of the person who swapped bodies with him. Once, Lt. Matthew Scott dreamed about Telford's having dinner with Young's wife Emily back home on Earth. Another time, Dr. Nicholas Rush dreamed that he was Telford as the colonel met with Alliance contacts to give them Stargate Command intelligence about Destiny. Rush told Col. Young about this dream and the two decided that Rush would swap with Telford and make contact with the Alliance to find out what they were planning. Unfortunately, Rush's cover was blown and he was tortured to reveal his true identity. When Kiva discovered that he was the Dr. Nicholas Rush, the lead scientist of the Icarus Project, she immedicately took him to her base where she forced him to modify the mathematical formula so that they could dial Destiny. (Stargate Universe: 1.09 "Life", 1.18 "Subversion")

Commander Kiva showed a cold, brutal heart, most likely having learned the behavior from her powerful and brutal father. Not only did she torture Rush, but she also had her second-in-command Dannic kill one of their scientists before Rush's very eyes as a demonstration of how serious she was about dialing Destiny. The poor scientist, Olan, was apparently incompetent and had been exaggerating his progress to stay alive. After witnessing the cold-blooded murder, Rush delved into the formula earnestly. (Stargate Universe: 1.18 "Subversion")

While Rush was in Telford's body, Telford was on Destiny in Rush's body. The only way known to break the brainwashing was to take the victim close to death. Young confined Telford and had the atmosphere evacuated until Telford suffocated to death. Young quickly went to his friend's side and revived him. As soon as Telford regained consciousness, he warned Young of the Alliance's impending attack. Young tried to prepare for the incursion, planning to confine the Lucians in the 'gate room and then suffocating them there, but once he saw Telford come through the Stargate, he abandoned that plan. Unfortunately, this gave the Alliance time to gain a foothold that led to their eventual control of the ship. (Stargate Universe: 1.19 "Incursion Part 1", 1.20 "Incursion Part 2")

When the Destiny had dropped out of FTL (faster-than-light) to accept the Alliance soldiers, it stopped near a binary pulsar that was emitting deadly radiation. The Ancient ship automatically diverted most of its power to strengthen the shields, sacrificing the ability to resume its normal FTL course. With stand-off after stand-off and constant mistrust, the two groups on the ship not only battled each other, but they also battled this hostile area of space. (Stargate Universe: 1.19 "Incursion Part 1", 1.20 "Incursion Part 2")

Telford was caught on the Alliance's side of the line, but because his brainwashing was removed, he worked covertly to help Young regain control. Kiva trusted him implicitly, confident in her brainwashing technology, and Telford used this to his advantage to help spare the lives of some of the hostages. While he was working on one of the consoles in the 'gate room to give Rush control of the systems from an auxiliary control room, Kiva discovered him and drew her weapon. At the same time, Telford drew his, and the two fired on each other simultaneously, both hitting their targets. Neither was instantly killed, but Dannic was so infuriated that he began gathering all of his military hostages into one room with the intent on executing them if Kiva died. ('Stargate Universe: Incursion Part 2")

In a make-shift infirmary, another shooting took place when a marine attempted to overcome his Alliance captor and the Lucian's machine gun sprayed bullets all over the room, hitting all but two of the Lucians, Varro and Koz. Lt. Tamara Johansen and Sgt. Hunter Riley were among Earth's people who were hit by the wild bullets. (Stargate Universe: 1.20 "Incursion Part 2")

Notable Characters

The Old Order: Under Netan's Control

  • Tenat and Jup - Tenat and Jup, both of Oran, were the two representatives who were sent to purchase a ship from Vala Mal Doran with a case of weapons grade refined naquadah. They didn't get the ship that Vala stole to sell them, the Prometheus, and they lost the case of naquadah somehow. Later, they attempted to capture Daniel and Vala for bounty, but lost their cargo ship in the process. Tenat was killed by Netan when Tenat was conned by Mitchell into firing on Netan's ha'tak. Jup was elsewhere when Tenat died.
  • Vosh - He was the leader of a large fleet of al'kesh and cargo ships who put a price on the head of Vala Mal Doran.
  • Worrel - He worked for Netan in growing the highly-addictive corn crop called kassa that the Lucian Alliance distributed to several human populations.
  • Netan - He was the most powerful man of the Alliance and commanded a large fleet of ha'taks and kassa-producing operations. He was assassinated by Bounty Hunter Odai Ventrell who hoped to take advantage of the chaos that would result among Netan's seconds following his death.
  • Kefflin - He's one of Netan's seconds and closest friends, but is a recluse. It isn't known what kind of impact Mitchell's impersonation of Kefflin had on his relationship with Netan.
  • Gavos - Netan killed him when he challenged Netan's tactical decision to go after the Odyssey.
  • Slaviash, Karug, Millic, and Rameris - They are Netan's seconds and control vast territories that are falling to Ori control.
  • Anateo - He was one of Netan's seconds who wished to take Netan's place as leader of the Alliance, but he was killed by SG-1 when he attempted to take control of the Odyssey.
  • Vashin - He was one of Netan's soldiers who captured and tortured Teal'c. Upon Teal'c's escape, Teal'c forcefully struck Vashin repeatedly, possibly killing him.
  • Solek - He was Anateo's right-hand man and was the one who executed Col. Emerson of the Odyssey. Solek was beamed to parts unknown by Vala when SG-1 retook the ship.
  • Teresh - He was one of Anateo's soldiers and was captured by the crew after they regained control of the Odyssey.
  • Borzin - He helped Anateo capture Daniel and Vala. Anateo had Solek "take care" of him after he handed the two SG-1 members over and asked for payment.
  • Odai Ventrell - As a bounty hunter, Ventrell responded to Netan's call for bringing down SG-1 after they caused problems for the Alliance's distribution of kassa. Taking the opportunity to profit from the in-fighting among Netan's seconds, Ventrell assassinated Netan instead.

The New Order: Multiple Warlords

  • Massin - One of the high-ranking warlords who is considered quite powerful and brutal. His daughter, Commander Kiva, led her group to Destiny.
  • Commander Kiva - Massin's daughter and commander of a base that was similar in purpose as Icarus Base was: to draw energy from the naquadria core of a planet in order to dial the ninth chevron. Her group was infiltrated by Col. David Telford, but he was discovered and brainwashed to spy for them instead. It was Telford who gave the Alliance information about Icarus, which led to the attack on the base. He also continued to give information about Destiny to her group. Finally, Kiva was able to take some of her people through the Stargate to Destiny, but her base was destroyed much like Icarus had been when Carter's Hammond attacked and caused the core to go critical. Kiva discovered Telford had been freed of his brainwashing and was again working as a spy within her ranks. When she found him working at the console in Destiny's 'gate room, she fired on him as he simultaneously shot at her. Both were rendered unconscious and badly wounded in the exchange.
  • Dannic - He is Commander Kiva's second-in-command and as such, follows her every order, sometimes without the need for the spoken word. He tortured Rush while Rush was in Telford's body via the communication stones and killed one of the Alliance's own scientists when Rush declared the man incompetent. After Kiva's injury, Dannic was so infuriated that he gathered all of the military personnel in a single room with the intent of executing them if Kiva dies.
  • Varro - He is one of Kiva's lieutenants who was injured during the Alliance's attack on the Destiny. Lt. Johansen removed the bullet from his shoulder and after he was slightly recovered, he thanked her for saving his life and tried to call a truce, but she didn't respond. After Kiva and Telford were brought into the infirmary for Johansen to treat, Dannic called for all injured military hostages to be brought to him. One of the marines tried to overcome his Alliance captor, and during their struggle, the Alliance soldier's automatic weapon fired several rounds, hitting everyone except Varro and Koz. Johansen and Riley were hit by the wild bullets, and the marine was killed by Varro to end his attack.
  • Olan - He was Kiva's lead scientist who was attempting to adapt the formula devised by Eli Wallace to dial the Stargate to Destiny from another naquadria-rich planet. Kiva order Dannic to kill Olan when she discovered that he was incompetent and was lying about his abilities in order to spare his own life.
  • Calvos - He worked the controls in the Destiny 'gate room for the Alliance, but was injured, most likely fatally, in the shooting in the infirmary.
  • Koz - He was sent by Kiva to help Johansen in the infirmary while she operated on Varro. He managed to come out unscathed during the shooting in the infirmary.


  • SGC - A tenuous alliance was made with those of Earth in the battle against the first wave of the Ori's invasion of the Milky Way. Netan led three of his ha'tak into the battle against four Ori Warships at Teal'c's request. Netan has expressed his contempt for the members of SG-1, especially after the team had a hand in stopping the distribution of his valuable kassa crops and after he lost three of his ha'tak in the battle with the Ori warships.


  • SG-1 - The Lucian Alliance had several run-ins with SG-1, and as a result, each member of the team was considered an enemy. Eventually, Netan put out a bounty on each member of the team, but was assassinated instead.
  • Ori - The Ori's attempt to control the galaxy made them an enemy of the Lucian Alliance.
  • Earth's People from Icarus Base Aboard Destiny - Commander Kiva's group managed to board Destiny and intended to take it by force. After Kiva was severely wounded, the Alliance members aboard the ship plan to eliminate all of Earth's military personnel that they've captured.


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