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P3A-194 Volian Stargate


P3A-194 was the home of the Volians, a small farming community that was part of the Aschen Confederation.


  • Names and Designations: P3A-194
  • Number of Suns: Two
  • Number of Moons: Unknown
  • Source of Address: Abydos Cartouche
  • Introduced in Episode: 5.10 "2001"
  • Earth Cultural/Technological Equivalent: 200 years ago, was the equivalent of turn of the twentieth century North America; present day, simple agrarian
  • Main Interest: Trade with Aschen
  • Influenced/Dominated by: Aschen
  • History of Stargate: buried until approximately 200 years ago. No DHD present.

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Geopolitical and Structural History

Very little is known about early history on the planet, but as of 200 years ago, the planet supported a thriving civilization, about a century ahead of Earth in technology. Remains of a city were found by Daniel Jackson and Teal'c under one of the fields. Dr. Jackson equated its infrastructure to early 20th century North America.

The people on the planet suffered through a pandemic. At this time, the "newcomers" (the Aschen) arrived on the planet and offered people a vaccine against the illness. The Volians were extremely grateful to the Aschen for the cure and they became allies. It was only much later that they realized the Aschen's insidious plot. The vaccine caused sterility in the Volian population. The very last newspaper issue had that as their headline and showed a picture of riots. No later issues were discovered, and Dr. Jackson conjectured the newspaper was shut down the very next day.

In the following two hundred years, the industrialized Volian population of millions had been transformed to a simple agrarian culture of thousands. Sometime during this period, the Aschen actually turned a gas giant in the Volian system into a second star, thereby doubling the Volian growing season. SG-1 had never heard any mention of the Volian past in their first visit to the planet, and when they spoke to Keel later, he was oblivious to this history. To Keel, the Aschen were nice people, who mostly left them alone and floated around in their harvesters. An Aschen family raised him as an orphan child. The remnants of a former Volian structure protruding from the ground was a foreign "iron root" on his farmland.

According to the Aschen, no DHD was ever recovered either on their homeworld (P4C-970) or P3A-194. The Volian Stargate could be removed from the ground by the harvesters. It would be turned horizontal and dialed from the harvester. The harvester ship would then pass over it and dump the items in its cargo bay through the event horizon. The Stargate would then be returned to its usual vertical state. A few Aschen transport devices were scattered amongst the planet so that individuals could move between the surface and the ships. It is unclear if the Volians knew how to work the devices, or only the Aschen.

Harvester ships were an Aschen aircraft, possibly even a limited spacecraft that hovered several feet off the ground. Their normal operation was to harvest the fields and send shipments through the Stargate. However, there was also space on the vessel for a conference room.

SG-1 traveled to the Volian world with Ambassador Joe Faxon to negotiate with the Aschen Under Hammond's orders Daniel Jackson and Teal'c explored the area to determine if the Aschen were trustworthy. It was then they discovered the "iron root" and remnants of the former Volian culture, including the last issue of the newspaper. Daniel was unable to translate what the last word of the headline meant, but understood enough to cause concern.

Armed with this information, but under pressure from their superiors to not alienate the Aschen, Samantha Carter and Joe Faxon returned to P3A-194. They gave the Aschen a list of Stargate addresses as an act of "good faith", but the planets listed were dangerous. After Maj. Carter and Ambassador Faxon discovered that the untranslatable word meant "sterility", the Aschen launched an attack on Earth. They used their harvester as a bomber for a biological weapon to send through the Stargate to Earth. While Joe Faxon struggled with Borren, one of the Aschen, Samantha Carter was able to get through the Stargate and warn Earth. Presumably P3A-194 has been locked out of the SGC dialing computer because of the danger from the Aschen.


Aschen harvester sends produce through P3A-194 Stargate
Earth delegation transported onto harvester
Aschen briefing room on harvester
Keel shows "iron root" to Daniel and Teal'c
Ruins of buried Volian city
Volian headline: "Newcomer Vaccine Causes Sterility"


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