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SG-1 meets an advanced race who are finally willing to share their technology freely with Earth, but as negotiations continue, the team and Hammond have reason to doubt whether Aschen are all that they seem.

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MGM Official Summary

SG-1 discover an exciting opportunity to form an alliance with a highly advanced race, who are willing to share their life-extending medical technology. They are the Aschen, the danger of whom we have already seen ("2010"). Will the truth be revealed before it is too late for the future?

SciFi.com Official Summary

The SG-1 team encounters a new race, the Volians. These peaceful, nonindustrial farmers introduce SG-1 in turn to the Aschen, who are very interested in allying with Earth. Ambassador Faxon is selected to negotiate, and Major Samantha Carter and Colonel Jack O'Neill are assigned to accompany him.

Meanwhile, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal'c investigate the Volian/Aschen connection. The first meeting goes well, and the Aschen offer to exchange their technology for Stargate addresses, but O'Neill feels something is wrong. Jackson and Teal'c find out that, 200 years ago, the Volians were an industrial civilization with a population in the millions. Then the Aschen appeared. Now they number in the thousands and don't remember their own cities. But the president doesn't want to hear any of this, and he appoints Senator Kinsey to take over negotiations. Kinsey shuts out O'Neill, though he does allow Carter and Faxon to accompany him. Meanwhile, Jackson does some more digging and discovers the ugly truth of the Ashen's history with the Volians.


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