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Stargate on P4M-328


P4M-328 is where SG-1 hoped to find the clava thessara infinitus, and instead were mistaken for terrorists when they crashed a cocktail reception in the museum where the Stargate was housed.


  • Names and Designations: P4M-328
  • Number of Suns: Unknown
  • Number of Moons: Unknown
  • Source of Address: Athena's research
  • Introduced in Episode: 10.16 "Bad Guys"
  • Earth Cultural/Technological Equivalent: equivalent to modern-day Earth
  • Main Interest: Exploration/search for clava thessara infinitas.
  • Influenced/Dominated by: Formerly Goa'uld; now, People of P4M-328
  • History of Stargate: Discovered buried with pieces of a DHD; exhibited in a museum with other Goa'uld artifacts uncovered on excavations

Stargate Glyphs

Unknown. But point of origin was:

Point of Origin

Geopolitical Structure and History

P4M-328 was once the location of different Goa'uld factions, as indicated by both Serpent and Horus guard artifacts. Apparently long abandoned by Goa'uld, the planet developed to a state similar to present day Earth. The people here, like on Earth, had no memory or information regarding the Stargate or its purpose. They uncovered the device in an archeological dig. No DHD was found, though depictions of it helped them create a replica. They housed the Stargate in a museum along with other Goa'uld artifacts.

The political makeup of the government was a council made up of several Chancellors and headed by a Viceroy. The political climate was not without its detractors. Some radical religious rebels protested the Viceroy's popular attempts to separate the government from the "Circle of Heavens". The rebels sought to overthrow the Viceroy's government. A common demand was to call a referendum for the Viceroy to dissolve his government and allow them to speak to all the people on the "Gaynord transmitters". They would stage various attacks of political terrorism, including taking hostages.

Back on Earth, Daniel Jackson believed that the Goa'uld Athena's research into the "clava thessara inifinitas" could have led to an actual treasure, rather than just the hoax Qetesh had created. Daniel's studies led him to P4M-328 as the site of the potential Ancient treasure. A MALP sent to the site indicated jumbled Goa'uld hieroglyphs that could be a code to lead to the treasure. SG-1, minus Lt. Col. Carter, was sent on the mission.

When they arrived, they realized they were in a museum exhibit, and the columns had been placed haphazardly. A cocktail reception was happening the evening they arrived, and when the team were discovered by party guests, they were mistaken for members of the "rebel" faction. During the ensuing firefight, a stray bullet struck an alarmed exhibit and caused a lockdown of the facility, trapping SG-1 and some of the guests, including one Chancellor, inside.

Stuck in an already bad situation and stranded with no DHD, SG-1, over Daniel's protests, decided to play along with their mistaken identity as rebels until either the SGC called in or they could find some way to power the Stargate and dial out themselves. One of the "hostages", Cicero, believed their story about the Stargate and helped them pretend to be rebels to the main hostage negotiator, Quartus, as well as led them to places in the museum where anything that could help them may be stored. Eventually, some of the team found a Goa'uld naquadah bomb, which Vala believed she could use to power the Stargate.

Cicero left the museum on his own and tried to convince Quartus that SG-1 was not to be feared and his discounted theories about the ring were right after all. Learning the "terrorists" may get reinforcements or have their own way out of the facility, Quartus ordered a raid on the museum, capturing SG-1 just before they were able to escape through an active wormhole. SG-1, in particular Col. Mitchell, was able to convince Quartus that letting them leave would be the best for everyone concerned rather than make Earth an enemy by taking the team into custiody.

After SG-1 left, the Stargate was sealed and the "hostage situation" in the museum was covered up by Quartus, over Cicero's protests.



Daniel and hostages in main hall
Naquadah bomb in alarmed display case
Tactical team swarms museum

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