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Caught on a planet where they are mistaken for hostage-taking rebels, the team pretend to be volatile “bad guys” as they hold the police at bay while trying to find a way home.

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While Carter is working in Washington, D.C., the rest of SG–1 travels through the Stargate to what appears to be an Egyptian tomb. Unfortunately, appearances are deceiving: the tomb is actually a display in an alien museum. Worse, the museum is hosting a swanky party. Worst of all, the dialing device next to the Stargate turns out to be a replica. SG–1 can't power up the 'gate and dial home.

Their hopes of lying low until they can solve this problem are dashed when a couple of party guests stumble across them. The guests race back to the gala in a panic, shrieking that "rebels" are attacking the museum. In no time, security guards are shooting at SG–1. The team is forced to defend themselves, wounding one guard and locking down the museum so no one can go in or out.

As alien SWAT teams rush to surround the building's exterior, Mitchell, Vala, Teal'c and Daniel realize that they have unintentionally become hostage-takers. There's no way to convince the cops of the improbable truth that they're merely peaceful explorers from another planet. If they surrender, they'll just be arrested, or worse. Instead, they must pose as the much-feared rebels and stall for time until they can find a way home.

Luckily, one of the hostages is a scholar named Cicero; he has theorized that the Stargate is an interstellar transport device. Overhearing the team's discussions, Cicero concludes that they really are aliens and offers to help. First, he gives Daniel a list of rebel-style demands to make to Quartus, the no-nonsense hostage negotiator who's in charge of the scene outside. Then, as Teal'c guards the hostages and Daniel reluctantly grabs the radio to do his best rebel impression, Cicero escorts Mitchell and Vala through the museum to search for artifacts that could power up the 'gate.

Mitchell and Vala discover a Goa'uld naquadah bomb that might do the trick — if it doesn't blow up — but they're interrupted when an overzealous museum guard named Jayem bursts out of hiding, hoping to nab them and become a hero.

Teal'c and Daniel, meanwhile, are striving to convince both Quartus and their increasingly skeptical prisoners that they are seriously dangerous men. As if all that's not enough, an order suddenly reaches Quartus from the planet's ruling viceroy: negotiations are over. The cops move in to storm the building.

SG–1 is out of time.


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Production Notes

  • Before cameras: August 16-24, 2006 (it was during the filming of this episode that the cancellation announcement was made).
  • "SG1 gates into what they believe is a pyramid tomb, but they are, in fact, inside a museum. They try to dial out and realize the DHD is a prop. There's a party going on inside the museum and all the guests, including these political dignitaries, think our team is a group of terrorists. Things soon start to go wrong and violence erupts. [...] So SG1 are stuck in a Dog Day Afternoon-type dilemma with the team trying to convince everyone that they are not terrorists but are really from another planet. Our heroes end up being the bad guys for the entire episode, which was a fun twist to write." — Martin Gero, TV Zone Special #74, January 2007.
  • "That was the first time that we had stunt repellers on the show. We had four guys repelling down a two story building, each of them using one hand to work the rope, and the other hand to fire their weapons. They hit the ground, click off their ropes, and then pursue Teal'c and Daniel. It's pretty cool." — Dan Shea, Stunt Coordinator, TV Zone Special #74, January 2007.
  • "I also got to talk to Martin [Gero] about Friday night’s SG-1 episode, “Bad Guys”, which he penned. Actually, Ben Browder shared the story credit because it was his original concept. Ben pitched a show where we go through the gate and end up in a museum on an alien planet, where their gate is on display. This alien civilization has never seen the gate work, and they think we’re terrorists. It’s a pretty great concept, and it turned into a great show. Coincidentally, we shot that episode just after the feature “Night at the Museum” finished filming in Vancouver, so all of the display cases you see are from that movie." — Alex Levine, script coordinator, scifi.com blog, May 17, 2007.
  • "Now, Martin [Gero] has always been an Atlantis staff writer, but because Atlantis was so far ahead on scripts last year, Martin was idle so Rob Cooper asked him to write Bad Guys. Martin also mentioned it was directed loosely, meaning the rough cut was very long (12 minutes over) and there was a lot taken out to cut it to time. And lastly, Martin wrote most of Bad Guys traveling through Europe during last year’s summer hiatus. Talk about industrious." — Alex Levine, script coordinator, scifi.com blog, May 17, 2007.
  • "Note that when Daniel goes off the deep end to the hostages — something completely out of his character and purposely meant as such — there is a missing scene in between there that helped make the outburst a little more sensible. I'm not making any apologies or passing blame, but the inclusion of that would have made it all jive more. Such is the nature of episodic television, in which sometimes you just have to put it out there and, as Andy Mikita says, "just see what falls off the truck." Not overall one of our stronger offerings, but such is life." — Michael Shanks. TVGuide.com blog, May 17, 2007.

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