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Village of P9C-882


P9C-882 was a planet who did not wish to follow Origin and befriended SG-3, and later SG-1. It was the site of the initial wide-scale testing of the cloaking technology of Arthur's Mantle with mixed results.


  • Names and Designations: P9C-882
  • Number of Suns: At least one
  • Number of Moons: Unknown
  • Source of Address: Unknown
  • Introduced in Episode: 10.12 "Line In The Sand"
  • Earth Cultural/Technological Equivalent: pre-industrial
  • Main Interest: help planet resist Ori; testing ground
  • Influenced/Dominated by: Goa'uld before their downfall; now local inhabitants
  • History of Stargate: Unknown

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Geopolitical Structure and History

P9C-882 was a planet in a temperate climate. The apparently sole village of the world was located within eyesight of the Stargate. The village was made up of solid wood and stone structures, similar to those found in the middle age/renaissance age. No ring platform apparently was on the planet, but the Ori, during their invasion, dropped a portable platform into the clearing between the Stargate and village.

The Goa'uld subjugated the people of P9C-882 until their loss of power. Between one and two years later, SG-3 was doing reconnaissance and made first contact with the villagers on P9C-882. The villagers had been approached by a Prior of the Ori, who insisted they build an "ara", a type of altar where those who defied the will of the Ori would be punished, often by immolation. The villagers, happy to be free of the Goa'uld, were unwilling to discard their freedom for the Ori, and they requested SG-3's help.

SG-1 was ordered to field test Lt. Col. Carter's modification of the cloaking technology of Arthur's Mantle, Merlin's device that shifted people into another dimension, hiding them from other ascended beings. The device's power had been depleted, but Lt. Col. Carter believed she had compensated with naquada reactors.

The device worked at first, cloaking the village. SG-3 returned to Earth. After day two, a power fluctuation caused the village to shift back to this dimension. Despite Sam's efforts, she could not get Arthur's Mantle back online before the Ori attacked from both ground and air. The village was overtaken by troops commanded by Tomin, Vala's husband. During the battle, an Ori soldier discovered Sam in one of the buildings and fired his weapon before he was killed by Lt. Col. Mitchell. The Ori weapon damaged two of the reactors and seriously injured Sam. Mitchell, at Carter's instructions, was able to get the cloak to work enough to hide the building which housed it as well as Cameron and the injured Samantha.

The soldiers and Prior remained on P9C-882, trying to discover how the building was cloaked. The villagers reluctantly had surrendered to the Ori, but could not reveal the "magic" of the cloak. The Prior tortured a captured Teal'c, but he did not break. Even the Prior's powers could not break through the interdimensional shift. Frustrated, the Prior ordered the unseen Cameron and Sam to reveal themselves or the village would be destroyed.

The two lieutenant colonels were able to jerry-rig the power source from the fallen Ori soldier's weapon into Arthur's Mantle to get the cloak online again. The village was cloaked before the Prior blasted the area using the Ori warship's weapons from orbit. After the danger passed, the village was decloaked and the village and those inhabitants who survived the initial battle were safe.

Vala had been captured by the Ori soldiers, and Tomin had her sent to the warship. When the Prior twisted Ori scripture to excuse his massacre of the population of P9C-882, Tomin came to doubt his faith. After the Prior had fired on the planet and the ship was about to break orbit, Tomin helped Vala escape and ringed her back down to the devastated landscape. After her arrival, the village decloaked and returned to this dimension.


Library of P9C-882
Carter inside libary
Mitchell treats Carter inside library
SG-3 at Stargate of P9C-882
Destroyed site of village
Intact village returns to this dimension


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