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Ori Soldiers prepare for battle


The Ori's army consisted of men from the Ori's home galaxy who arrived in the Milky Way in the Ori's massive warships and was built up through the conversion of whole planets to Origin in the Milky Way.

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Manning the Army

Tomin dresses in his armor for the first time
Prior leads soldiers in drills
Arkad of the Illac Renin followed the Ori

The first soldiers of the Ori Army were men from the Ori's home galaxy who were trained by the Priors of the Ori. Ordinary men who had known no war felt honored to fight in the name of their gods. Until the Army could invade the Milky Way, the Priors of the Ori recruited warriors from planets in the Milky Way that had converted to Origin. The Sodan Jaffa and the Free Jaffa Nation were prime candidates for an army because they were already trained warriors and had a strong and long history of believing in the Path to Enlightenment that the Priors offered. A splinter group of Free Jaffa formed the Illac Renin that followed the Ori and engaged in acts of terror against those who resisted the Ori. (9.06 "Babylon", 9.10 "The Fourth Horseman Part 1", 9.19 "Crusade", 10.17 "Talion")

One of the first soldiers conscripted into the Ori Army from the Ori's home galaxy was Tomin, Vala Mal Doran's husband from the village Ver Isca. The Prior of the village healed him of a limp that had caused him to be seen as unfit before. Tomin, like other ordinary men of his village, was eager to join the army and eliminate the "unbelievers" in the Milky Way Galaxy in the name of his gods. (9.19 "Crusade")

Equipping the Army

Tomin fires Ori Staff Weapon
Daniel fires the wrist energy weapon
Ori soldier wearing battle-ready sword (left foreground)

Each soldier was given a suit of armor and a staff weapon. A Prior would take his group out daily for drills as others of the village built massive warships. The Ori soldiers were equipped with a second weapon, worn on the back of the forearm that was operated through the glove, much like Anubis's Kull Warrior's wrist weapons (7.11 "Evolution Part 1"). Daniel Jackson was the first one seen using this weapon that performed similar to a zat. The blue energy emitted by the weapon rendered the target unconscious, but continued use of the weapon on the victim could bring about death. Most likely this weapon was used to take prisoners, since the blast from a staff weapon was usually fatal. (9.19 "Crusade", 10.01 "Flesh and Blood")

A third weapon given to some of the Ori soldiers was a battle-ready sword worn at the soldier's hip. With the energy weapons at his disposal, the soldier hardly, if ever, had to rely on a sword. The sword fit with the technological development of the Ori's villages, which was similar to medieval Europe, prior to the crusade in the Milky Way. (10.12 "Line in the Sand")

Soldiers in helmets
Firstman wearing a different type of helmet
Tomin in helmet that covers the entire face

The soldiers were also given helmets. There were several types of helmets, some of which totally concealed the soldier's face. It appeared that there was no correlation between the type of helmet the soldier wore with his rank. Some of the soldiers who were referred to as "Commander", however, wore a cloak with their armor to depict their rank. (10.10 "The Quest Part 1", 10.12 "Line in the Sand")

Daniel in blue Ori uniform
Daniel in blue Ori uniform
Female follower in blue Ori uniform (left foreground)

While off-duty, all of the Ori soldiers wore cobalt blue uniforms with the Ori symbol attached to the left side of the chest. The women wore the same colored floor-length dresses with the Ori symbol attached in the center of the chest as if it were a pendent on a necklace.

Deploying the Army

Ori Warship
Ori fighters battle death gliders and al'kesh over Chulak
Ori fighter carrying portable ring platform

Once the Ori succeeded at building an intergalactic Stargate ("Supergate") to connect the two galaxies, the army boarded four of the warships and invaded the Milky Way. This invasion saw to the destruction of most of the allied fleet that consisted of Earth's Odyssey and Korolev, an Asgard O'Neill-class ship, and several Goa'uld ha'tak under the command of the Free Jaffa and the Lucian Alliance. Only the Odyssey survived, but was extremely damaged. (9.20 "Camelot", 10.01 "Flesh and Blood")

After the first wave of warships left the site of the space battle, they went to Chulak. As noted above, before the Ori Army had arrived, the Ori's Priors counted on recruiting native populations to act as their army. The Free Jaffa were prime candidates for recruiting, since their leader Gerak had always sought the Path to Enlightenment that the Ori promised. There was a faction of the Free Jaffa, led by Bra'tac and Teal'c, who did not wish to embrace Origin as the Nation's official religion, so they gathered on Chulak to prepare to oppose Gerak's fleet with force. Fortunately, it did not come to that, but the Ori knew that if they were to conquer Chulak, they'd most likely eliminate the strongest of their opposition. After Chulak, additional Jaffa strongholds fell. (9.11 "The Fourth Horseman Part 2", 9.18 "Arthur's Mantle", 10.01 "Flesh and Blood", 10.02 "Morpheus")

The first thing that Priors who commanded the warships did once they arrived at Chulak was to send fighters to oppose the Free Jaffa's death gliders and al'kesh. Most likely, these craft were piloted by humans, but that is unconfirmed, since the warships themselves were piloted solely by a Prior because the Ori built in a special genetic key into their control systems that would only respond to a Prior's mental commands as he sat in the warship's control chair (similar to the weapons platform in the Ancient Outpost in Antarctica). (7.22 "Lost City Part 2", 10.01 "Flesh and Blood", 10.07 "Counterstrike")

Once the fighters eliminated any aerial threats, the ground troops were sent. The soldiers used the ring transporter on the warship to get to their destinations. During the invasion of P9C-882, it was revealed that the fighters had special gear to carry a portable ring platform and deposit it on the planet. Still, rings can be used without such a platform, depending on finding good coordinates, but in a pinch, the ring platform serves as a guarantee of a solid and clear location from which the army may invade a village. (10.01 "Flesh and Blood", 10.12 "Line in the Sand")

Command Structure

Ori - As with the religion of Origin itself, the Ori were at the top of the command structure of their army. As Ascended Beings, they were able to endow great powers to humans to fight for more worshippers whom they needed to grow stronger so that they could attack their ascended rivals, The Others (Ascended Altera, Ascended Ancients). Through the Doci, the Ori commanded that Priors be sent through the Stargate to begin the conversion process until warships could be built and the army sent to the Milky Way Galaxy.
The Doci - The Doci was the highest ranking Prior in the City of the Gods on Celestis in the Ori's home galaxy. He obeyed the command of the Ori and commissioned the building of the warships and the training of the army. He sent Priors to the Milky Way Galaxy through the Stargate until the warships and army were ready to invade through the use of a large intergalactic Stargate ("Supergate"). (9.03 "Origin", 9.20 "Camelot")
The Orici - The Orici was the leader of the Ori Army once the invasion of the Milky Way commenced. She was created by the Ori in the womb of Vala Mal Doran and given special knowledge and powers to fulfill the Ori's mission to convert more believers for their own empowerment. The Orici, named Adria, ordered the deaths of those who refused to bow to the Ori. The Orici eventually ascended and left the Priors to continue commanding the warships and army. (10.01 "Flesh and Blood", 10.19 "Dominion", 10.20 "Unending")
Priors of the Ori - The Priors of the Ori were the priests of Origin who had been given advanced human powers by the Ori directly. They preached to the masses, as well as counseled and trained the Ori soldiers. The warships were built under their supervision and activated by them upon completion. Only a Prior could pilot and use the weapons of the warships. (9.03 "Origin", 9.19 "Crusade", 10.07 "Counterstrike")
Commanders - Commanders coordinated and led the invasion of a target planet. Tomin, Vala's husband, reached the rank of Commander. He ordered the ground troops to kill all those who forcefully resisted the army's invasion. Another Commander obeyed the Prior's orders to burn all the books of a village so that they could "embrace a new faith" with The Book of Origin as their only guide. (10.10 "The Quest Part 1", 10.11 "The Quest Part 2", 10.12 "Line in the Sand")
Firstman - Under the Commander was the Firstman. He commanded the ground troops when a Commander or Prior was not present. (10.12 "Line in the Sand")
Foot Soldiers
Foot Soldiers - The vast majority of the army consisted of foot soldiers under the command of a Firstman, Commander, or Prior. (9.19 "Crusade", 10.10 "The Quest Part 1", 10.11 "The Quest Part 2", 10.12 "Line in the Sand")
Support Staff
Support Staff - Those who did not fight as soldiers supported them onboard the warships. Many women served as caretakers, some of which included midwives and nursemaids. It was very possible that whole families lived and served onboard the warships. (10.01 "Flesh and Blood", 10.14 "The Shroud")


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