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Force Field at Kallana


The planet-collapsing force field created by the Ori was designed to convert a planet into a micro-singularity that would then provide the energy to power an intergalactic Stargate ("Supergate"). (9.06 "Beachhead")

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The Ori had the capability of dialing a regular Milky Way Stargate from the great distance of their galaxy, most likely using the energy from a black hole to provide the massive amount of power needed to both dial the Stargate and keep it open for any reasonable amount of time. They began their first wave of invasion by sending their missionaries, or Priors, through a regular Stargate, but in order to get their massive warships into the galaxy quickly (even at high speeds, the galaxies are separated by thousands of years of travel), the Ori needed a large Stargate through which warships could travel. The first step in creating this massive Stargate was to have a black hole nearby as a power source and to have the segments of the Super Stargate in place at the same time. The Ori used the wormhole connection with a normal-sized Stargate on the planet Kallana as a means to both ends. (9.03 "Origin Part 3", 9.06 "Beachhead")

At first, Stargate Command thought that the force field being generated through the wormhole connection was designed to provide protection while an army of footsoldiers assembled within it. They were advised by a Goa'uld named Nerus that the best way to collapse the force field was to bombard it with the most powerful weapons they could muster. He told General Landry that whenever the force field expanded, it weakened, giving them the best opportunity to destroy it. Homeworld Security's commander, General Jack O'Neill, sent Lt. Col. Samantha Carter to the planet with one of her most powerful bombs: the Mark IX "Gatebuster". This bomb was enhanced with naquadria and was designed to take out a Stargate and its surroundings within 100 miles. It was the only such bomb the Tau'ri had designed to destroy a Stargate. (9.06 "Beachhead")

The bomb was carried to Kallana on the Prometheus. Still hoping for a peaceful solution, they tried talking with the Prior first, but he didn't budge. They bombarded the force field from space with missiles, and the Free Jaffa also fired upon it with their ha'tak weaponry, but still, nothing changed. While the force field grew, its weakness was picked up by sensors and the Mark IX bomb's timer was set off to detonate at that moment. Unfortunately, they learned too late that the energy from their weapons and from the Mark IX detonation had actually fed the force field. It grew until it enveloped the entire planet. (9.06 "Beachhead")

And, then, to everyone's amazement, the planet began to shrink! (9.06 "Beachhead")

Everyone had to back away from the gravitational effects, but they were able to observe the planet begin its collapse. They also observed that somehow the Stargate still remained engaged and that the Ori were sending objects through it. These objects were unmanned. Finally, they realized that these segments were joining together to form a Super Stargate, or "Supergate", with the collapsing planet destined to become its power source once it was converted into a micro-singularity (a black hole). (9.06 "Beachhead")

Fortunately, Vala Mal Doran recognized how to destroy the forming Supergate by flying a cargo ship into the gap left for one of the segments, but her ring transporter matter stream was caught up by the gravitational forces of the new Kallana Singularity during her escape attempt and forced to reconstitute on a ring platform in the Ori's home galaxy instead. (9.06 "Beachhead", 9.19 "Crusade Part 1")

Even though the Super Stargate was destroyed, the Kallana Singularity remained. (9.06 "Beachhead", 9.13 "Ripple Effect")

The Ori's second attempt at building a Supergate by collapsing a planet into a micro-singularity was successful. P3Y-229 was the victim planet and its singularity powered the Supergate through which the Ori began their full-scale invasion of the Milky Way. (9.20 "Camelot Part 2")



Planet-Collapsing Force Field as observed from space
Prior of the Ori guarding the Stargate as the force field grows
The team with the Mark IX bomb inside the force field
The Mark IX's detonation feeds the force field
Kallana collapsing
Nearly completed Supergate near the final collapse of Kallana

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