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Ramus is a young boy who resides in Camelot. His older sister is Valencia, who helps him train to become a knight by practicing sparring techniques. They pretend to reenact the battle of Camlann, where King Arthur defeated Modred. When Ramus would come of age, it was planned that he would take his turn to try and pull the sword from the stone. In the meantime, he trained to become a knight in King Arthur's army for the king's next crusade. Eventually, it was his sister, Valencia, who pulled the sword from the stone.

Daniel Jackson and Cameron Mitchell observed Ramus and his sister sparring. Col. Mitchell noted that Ramus was moving too much and too wildly to be effective, calling it "moving like Ed Grimley". He took Ramus's place and showed Ramus some techniques by sparring with Valencia.

Gaining the children's trust, Mitchell and Jackson convinced the pair to lead them to Merlin's library. However, as Valencia explained, the door was magicked, and they could not gain entry.

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