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Dr. Redden


Dr. Redden was the lead xenologist at Area 51. She was brought into the SGC as a consultant to necropsy the alien creatures SG teams began encountering offworld in 10.05 "Uninvited".

Character Biography

According to Lt. Col. Carter, Dr. Redden has headed the xenology unit at Area 51 for several years, so was likely present during Carter's tenure as head of Research and Development at the facility (10.05 "Uninvited").

After Teal'c and Vala killed the creature terrorizing the people of P9J-333, they brought it back to the SGC for study. Dr. Redden arrived and performed a necropsy of the animal, discovering a strange radioactive parasite inside the remains. The parasite was still alive, and tried to attack Dr. Redden before Teal'c downed it with a zat blast.

Further study showed the parasite had caused cancerous mutations. It lodged itself in the stomach lining of the host creature and began altering the host's DNA. The creature was originally a harmless small herbivore species on the planet that had become a large extremely violent animal.

Later, SG-12 encountered a similarly mutated animal on P2R-866. The only similarity between the two worlds were that they were both visited by SG teams using the Sodan cloaking devices. Redden studied the radioactive effect of the parasite, determining after Teal'c conducted more experiments with the cloaking device. She determined the creature, whatever it was, requires sustained close contract in order to affect its victim's DNA, and for some reason was stunned upon its immediate appearance, but became more active later, like the one that had tried to attack her.

Despite her years of familiarity with the alien nature of her work, Redden was still caught off-guard by Lt. Col. Carter's (correct) hypothesis that the parasitical creatures were from another dimension. She eventually got over her surprise and noted a type of radiation given off by the unaltered Sodan cloaking devices repelled the parasites.


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