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Sodan Cloaking Device
Mitchell mid-cloak


The Sodan cloaking devices are based on Ancient technology and make the user invisible to others.

Technical Specifications

The cloak was activated by touching a jewel-like feature on the device. A shimmering effect was visible before the individual would become completely hidden from view (9.08 "Babylon" and other episodes). When deactivated, the effect would reverse. The Sodan cloaking device emitted an energy field around the wearer, putting them slightly out of phase with our normal dimension of space-time (10.05 "Uninvited"). This device also emitted a significant amount of radiation. Essentially whoever was in the field accessed a pocket of sub-space and became virtually undetectable. From the user's cloaked viewpoint, the world became more monochromatic in vision (9.18 "Arthur's Mantle").

Although invisible to others, anyone wearing the cloak could still be heard and interact physically with other people and objects (9.08 "Babylon", 9.12 "Fourth Horseman Part 2", 9.18 "Arthur's Mantle"). Thus tree branches broken could be heard, weapon's blasts could be seen once leaving the user's physical presence, an individual could still strike an opponent, etc.

Stargate References

When the Ancients disappeared from P9G-844, they left behind a wealth of information regarding their technology. As the Sodan warrior, Jolan, explained, the Sodan were able to translate the Ancient writings which instructed them on how to construct many of the "gods" devices (9.08 "Babylon").

The devices were usually worn by the Sodan attached to their armbands (9.08 "Babylon", 9.18 "Arthur's Mantle"). However, they could easily be detached and also fit inside a pocket of a standard SGC vest (9.12 "Fourth Horseman Part 2").

The Sodan used the devices to move unseen through the forests of their world, thus able to watch intruders unobserved and/or sneak up on them in an ambush (9.08 "Babylon", 9.11 "Fourth Horseman Part 1").

When Col. Mitchell activated the device while setting a trap for the Prior, the Prior could not see him, but sensed something (9.12 "Fourth Horseman Part 2"). The Prior blindly attacked, eventually hitting Mitchell and rendering his device inert, at least temporarily.

Another effect of the device allowed the user to see and hear individuals from at least one parallel dimension. Cameron Mitchell was accidentally shifted to an alternate dimension using Merlin's interdimensional device (i.e. Arthur's Mantle), and was unable to be seen or heard, or even be able to touch items in this dimension, although he could see and hear everyone else (9.18 "Arthur's Mantle"). He hoped to use this ability to help the Sodan and missing SG teams on P9G-844.

When Teal'c activated a Sodan cloaking device in his hunt for the zombified Volnek, they discovered that he was able to see and hear Colonel Mitchell. Despite the ability to converse, Mitchell still remained outside the physical realm and Teal'c's and Volnek's touch would merely pass right through him. This result seems to indicate that though the device cloaks the user, it does not shift him out of this dimension. Although cloaked, Volnek was affected by the explosive charge SG-3 set in the trap and was destroyed.

Because of the radioactive emissions, Earth modified the devices to make them safer for human use (10.05 "Uninvited"). The Sodan were protected from the radioactive effects by their symbiotes. What the SGC didn't realize when they put the devices into service was that the emissions served a vital function. They repelled creatures from other dimensions so they did not "bleed through" into our space time. Without that repellent, parasites switched dimensions when they encountered the cloaking field. The creatures gave off their own radioactivity, and mutated any creature they attached to.

The SGC began encountering these strange monsters within a week after their use on P9J-333 and P2R-866 as well as on Earth. Tracking back the source, Lt. Col. Carter realized the problem. She recalled all the devices, including those stored at Area 51. One device was missing, believed to be taken by the Trust. Lt. Col. Mitchell later discovered the cloaked Trust operative after he had been shot by overeager hunters searching for the monster grizzly terrorizing the area around Jack O'Neill's cabin. The Trust was trying to surveil SG-1 and Gen. Landry at the cabin using the cloak.

Vala Mal Doran, in a plan of her own making, was implanted with false memories that the SGC no longer trusted her and she escaped the facility by using the device (10.19 "Dominion"). None of that was true, though she did use the device briefly to demonstrate its power before putting it in a gambling pot.


Teal'c pulls cloaking device off dead warrior
Teal'c activates the cloaking device
Cloaked Teal'c and out of phase Mitchell (note the monochrome)


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