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Russel Chapman


Mr. Chapman is the British representative to the International Oversight Advisory (IOA). He was one of the delegation to go through the Stargate and visit the Gamma Site. Chapman and his colleagues were present when the facility was overrun by alien insects designated as R75. R75 were later determined to be the latest weapon in the Priors' arsenal against the Milky Way. Chapman's group, along with SG-1, were the only survivors of the scourge.

Character Biography

Chapman first visited Stargate Command (SGC) to discuss the Prior Plague that was infecting Earth (9.11 "The Fourth Horseman Part 2). The visit had been organized by Hammond's office.

Later, Chapman, along with Shen Xiaoyi, Richard Woolsey, and the French representative LaPierre, were escorted by SG-1 to the Gamma Site (9.17 "The Scourge"). When first entering the Gate Room, Chapmen expressed his amazement at the sheer size of the Stargate. Once at the Gamma Site, they received a tour by the base commander, Colonel Pearson, of some of the science labs. The group was present when the facility was overrun with alien insects designated as R75 that were later determined to be the latest weapon in the Priors' arsenal against the Milky Way.

Chapman and the rest of his delegation were escorted towards the research outpost, ten kilometers away from the base, by SG-1 and two of Colonel Pearson's men. En route, they discovered the bugs had escaped the base and were now spreading across the area. He witnessed one of Pearson's men die right in front of him. The group took shelter in a rocky cave. Later, SG-1 determined their only chance of survival was to reach the research outpost and try to contact the rescue ship, Odyssey when it reached orbit. Otherwise, if the insects did not get them, the poisonous payload Odyssey was likely to release would.

Though obviously frightened and exhausted, Chapman followed SG-1's leadership throughout the ordeal. While the rest of SG-1 held off the insects, Lt. Col. Carter successfully boosted the communication signal. She joined her team outside the building to use up their remaining ammunition protecting the IOA group. Both the delegation and SG-1 were beamed away before the scourge could overtake them.

Chapman was one of the IOA members who insisted Dr. Elizabeth Weir return from Atlantis mid-crisis to explain why and how Wraith ships were en route to the Milky Way galaxy (SGA 3.01 "No Man's Land Part 2"). Weir challenged the IOA representatives to countermand her decision, but the bureaucrats could not move past their bickering to take action themselves; and as Weir pointed out, this way she could remain the scapegoat if things turned out wrong.


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