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During what was intended to be a routine mission babysitting members of the civilian International Oversight Committee through a PR visit to the Gamma Site, SG-1 and their party come up against something totally unexpected and deadly. A scientific experiment goes terribly wrong, unleashing the latest Ori plague to devastating effect.

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The Pentagon orders SG-1 to escort diplomat Richard Woolsey and three representatives from the International Oversight Advisory on a tour of the Gamma Site. At that off-world base, the British, French and Chinese diplomats meet scientists who are studying alien bugs that might have been created by the Priors. Meanwhile, Daniel and Mitchell speculate that the real purpose of this tedious mission is to placate the Chinese, who are frustrated by American refusals to share Stargate-related military technology.

Suddenly, the voracious bugs escape containment and kill a scientist. As the critters multiply, taking over the 'gate room and swarming the base, Col. Pearson, the base commander, sends the IOA representatives outside for their own safety. Guarded by SG-1 and two airmen, the group struggles through dense forest toward an uncrewed research station, where they can wait until Pearson and his team defeat the infestation.

They don't get far before the bugs — which burrow underground and have highly sensitive hearing — burst from beneath the feet of an airman and devour him alive. The survivors race to a nearby cave, where the rock walls can protect them … for a while.

During a long, tense night in the cave, Mitchell tries and fails to radio Pearson while Daniel, true to form, squeezes in some high-stakes diplomacy with the Chinese delegate.

In the morning, the second airman dies horribly, the victim of a single insect that laid its eggs within him. Determined not to suffer the same fate, Mitchell and Teal'c risk returning to the base, hoping to find F-302s with which they can fly everyone to safety. As they approach, however, a massive explosion rocks the ground. The Gamma Site's self-destruct has gone off, leaving nothing but a smoking ruin.

With the F-302s destroyed in the explosion, Mitchell and Teal'c return to the cave. There, Carter explains that Gen. Landry, on Earth, will have to follow standard procedure to defeat the infestation by sending the Odyssey to the planet with a neurotoxin that kills bugs and humans alike. Only hours remain before the Earth ship arrives; when it does, it will unwittingly annihilate the group from orbit unless they can reach it with the news that they're still alive.

The planet's radioactive ionosphere will block the team's usual transmitters, but the research station might have the communications equipment they need. To get there, however, SG-1 must lead four frightened diplomats through five miles of bug-infested forest.


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