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Shen Xiaoyi


Shen Xiaoyi was the Chinese representative on the International Oversight Advisory. Note: the Chinese convention is to list a person's surname first, given name last. Shen was one of the delegation who visited the Gamma Site on a tour. While there, the facility was overrun by a scourge of alien bugs. Though she was injured during the escape, her group and their protection detail, SG-1, were rescued.

Character Biography

Shen Xiaoyi was a graduate of Beijing Foreign Studies University and the London School of Economics and Political Science. She was formerly an attaché to the Chinese mission in the United States. Ms. Shen later became the Chinese representative to the International Oversight Advisory. She expressed a great deal of admiration for Dr. Jackson's reputation. They exchanged a light conversation in Mandarin, possibly at Col. Mitchell's expense, until realizing he could also speak the language.

Shen expressed her government's frustration at the lack of technology shared by the United States military with regard to the Stargate Program. Too much was off limits. "Military" items were not subject to the protocols of the "Gate Alliance Treaty." Daniel made several attempts to discern her veiled comments as to what China's plans were regarding the Stargate program. She eventually sounded Daniel out on whether he would have been willing to join the Stargate Program if it had been in China's hands, rather than the United States'. He responded in the affirmative so long as the priority was exploration to benefit the planet as a whole. She cryptically responded: "I may hold you to that someday."

Shen, along with Mr. Chapman, Mr. LaPierre, and Mr. Woolsey, were escorted by SG-1 to the Gamma Site. Once there, the delegation was given a tour by the base commander, Col. Pearson, of some of the science labs, She took copious notes on the tour, and expressed her irritation that so many areas were deemed off-limits. She was present when the facility was overrun with alien insects designated as R75 that were later determined to be the latest weapon in the Priors' arsenal against the Milky Way.

Shen and the rest of her delegation were escorted towards the research outpost, ten kilometers away from the base, by SG-1 and two of Colonel Pearson's men. En route, they discovered the bugs had escaped the base and were now spreading across the area. They took shelter in a rocky cave. Shen was visibly frightened, but fought to control her panic. Later, SG-1 determined their only chance of survival was to reach the research outpost and try to contact the rescue ship, Odyssey when it reached orbit. Otherwise, if the insects did not get them, the poisonous payload Odyssey was likely to release would.

During the final sprint to the outpost, Shen broke her ankle in a fall down a steep incline. She limped into the building with Dr. Jackson's assistance. Lt. Col. Carter successfully boosted the communication signal, and both the delegation and SG-1 were beamed away before the scourge could overtake them. Shen took an indefinite leave from her position on the IOA due to her injury.

Shen recovered from her injuries to return to her duties in time to join Col. Chekov on another visit to the SGC (9.19 "the Crusade"). They were to meet with General Landry and Doctor Jackson, the latter unfortunately was indisposed, since his body was possessed by Vala Mal Doran at the time. Shen appeared disappointed he was not present. It was at this meeting Shen's veiled comments during the Gamma Site tour became more clear. It was time for the renewal of the treaty that allowed the SGC to lease the Stargate from Russia (see 6.02 "Redemption Part 2"). Chekov and Shen were there as a courtesy to inform Landry and Jackson (who brokered the original deal between Russian and the United States–see 5.14 "48 Hours") that Russia was not renewing the lease. Russia was taking back their Stargate and initiate their own program.

Landry immediately stormed out of the meeting to get a hold of Mr. Woolsey. It was then he was informed that the International Committee was not involved in this decision, only Russia and China. The rest of the International Committee, along with the United States, would be invited to participate in Russia's program as they were currently doing with the United States.

Shen's presence clearly implied that China was financially backing Russia's bid for the Stargate program. Since China was not mentioned in the official notification to President Hayes, Landry was able to piece together that this "courtesy" visit, complete with Shen's presence, was Chekov's way of gaining additional bargaining leverage for the lease renewal. Landry and Chekov were able to reach an agreement whereby the SGC retained the Stargate and the Russians received the latest Daedalus-class ship (the 304 series) to come off the production line. It is unclear whether Shen was aware of Chekov's ploy and/or her use as a bargaining chip, or whether she was a mere patsy to the plan.

Shen was one of the IOA members who insisted Dr. Elizabeth Weir return from Atlantis mid-crisis to explain why and how Wraith ships were en route to the Milky Way galaxy (SGA 3.01 "No Man's Land Part 2"). Shen was particularly accusatory in Weir's decisions that led to this danger. Weir challenged the IOA representatives to countermand her decision, but the bureaucrats could not move past their bickering to take action themselves; and as Weir pointed out, this way Weir could remain the scapegoat if things turned out wrong.

Nine months into Woolsey's time as leader of the Atlantis expedition, Shen came to Atlantis to perform the final evaluation of his probationary term (SGA 5.15 "Remnants"). Her motives were twofold however, since she was promised command of the base if her review of Woolsey proved he was unfit. Woolsey figured this out and promised to fight her. Shen had legitimate questions about his term because many of decisions did not follow IOA protocol, plus while she was there, Woolsey appeared to talk to himself (he was speaking to an alien entity that only showed itself to certain people). Shen's and Woolsey's positions came to a head when it came to deciding the fate of the alien entity's repository. In gratitude to Woolsey, the alien appeared as an illusory communique of Dovelock, telling Shen she would not be getting the position after all. Infuriated, Shen retorted by giving Richard a glowing review, ensuring he would remain the permanent commander of Atlantis.


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