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Teal'c's reunion with Master Bra'tac, son Rya'c, and warrior leader Ishta is fraught with danger and difficulty. Ishta's determination to overthrow the Goa'uld Moloc before he can murder more of her sisters leads to her capture and torture at his hands, while Teal'c's son Rya'c has chosen to marry without his father's blessing.

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Teal'c is tee'd off. He and his mentor, Bra'tac, have just returned from the planet Haktyl, where they tried to convince the warrior-woman rebel leader, Ishta, to wait until her fellow insurgent Jaffa grow numerous enough to wage war against all the Goa'uld system lords at once. Ishta feels she can't wait, since the system lord Moloc is ordering the death of every female Jaffa born in his domain. Ishta has been preparing and organizing a battle against Moloc for a year, and will not change her mind.

But that's not what is really bugging Teal'c. It seems his son Rya'c has fallen for a Jaffa warrior-woman named Kar'yn. They are to be married in three days. Ishta approves. Teal'c, however, is concerned that the commitment of raising a family will conflict with Rya'c's fight against the Goa'uld.

Meantime, one of Ishta's warriors has gone missing, and may have been captured by Moloc's loyal Jaffa forces—and forced to reveal the base at Haktyl. Brig. Gen. Jack O'Neill grants Ishta's people sanctuary at Stargate Command until Lt. Col. Samantha Carter can find them a suitable new planet for resettlement.

Hewing to tradition in the face of war and uncertainty, Rya'c and Kar'yn plan to be married as scheduled, albeit on Earth. The rehearsal doesn't go well—Kar'yn refuses to bow in front of her husband to be, since she, like all of Ishta's people, believe themselves to be equal if not superior to men. Rya'c is insulted. The two lovebirds storm off.

Meanwhile, Teal'c has accompanied Ishta to an offworld summit requested by one of her rebels planted in Moloc's army. There is much tension between Teal'c and Ishta, who have an intimate history but are at odds with the issue of whether to fight this small battle or wait and fight a larger war against the Goa'uld. But this is Ishta's show, and Teal'c promises to keep his mouth shut. Of course he can't, and he's preaching his opinion to the rebel Jaffa at the summit when, suddenly, the meeting is ambushed by Moloc's troops.

Teal'c, Ishta, and a rebel Jaffa, Aron, escape. But Istha has left behind her tretonin—an injected distillate that allows the Jaffa to live without their Goa'uld symbiotes—and Teal'c's supply has been smashed. That night, during her watch, Ishta is taken by Moloc's troops—including his first prime, the menacing Cha'ra—and tortured by Moloc himself. Teal'c, believing Aron cannot be trusted, zats him and goes on alone. O'Neill, Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson launch a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) with a tretonin supply through the Stargate, but it is shot down by Moloc's Jaffa. Teal'c finds the wreckage and the tretonin, but is ambushed. Aron arrives just in time to the weakened Teal'c, proving his loyalty.

Back at the summit tent, Ishta is allowed to take the tretonin she'd left behind there, since Moloc wants her to endure more torture and be used as bait to capture Teal'c. Teal'c shows Aron how to use a laser target device they salvaged from the UAV. While Teal'c rescues Ishta, Aron aims the device at Moloc's chest. Daniel, Carter, and O'Neill, on Teal'c's go, launch two missiles through the gate. They zero in on Moloc, taking out him and his men.

Back at SGC, Bra'tac officiates at the wedding of Rya'c and Kar'yn—neither bowing to the other. Ishta, relocating with her people to a new homeworld, tells Teal'c that he was right about the short-lived victory of Moloc's defeat—rival system lord Ba'al has taken over Moloc's forces. Ishta also tells Teal'c to stop by and see her soon.


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