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Atlantis encounters the Vedeenans and tries to save their ill leader, Davos. Davos appears to see the future, and predicts the destruction of Atlantis. Carter must decide how to react to his prophesy when the Wraith Todd proposes a collaboration but then brings the enemy to Atlantis.

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When Davos, the dying leader of the reclusive Vedeenan people, prophesies that Sheppard's team will soon be caught in a Wraith ambush, even the skeptical McKay and Sheppard have to admit that precautions appear to be in order.

Keller brings Davos to Atlantis for medical treatment while the team, forewarned by the venerable man, turns the tables on their attackers. They ambush the ambush with a pair of Puddle Jumpers. The Wraith leader they capture is the same Wraith with whom Sheppard once cooperated to escape a Genii prison. He claims that he only tried to ambush the team in order to talk to them.

The team locks up the Wraith in Atlantis and hears him out. It turns out that he has news of dire importance: In the ongoing war between the Replicators and the Wraith, the Replicators have begun exterminating entire human civilizations to wipe out the Wraith's food source. Tens of thousands of people have already died in this genocide. This Wraith wants to collaborate with McKay to reprogram the Replicators to end the war.

As Carter contemplates whether or not to trust the Wraith, Davos telepathically shows her a vision of a devastating Replicator attack on Atlantis. Later, he shows Teyla a vision of Sheppard preparing to fire drone weapons against a Wraith ship. Davos swears that he has never been wrong, and Dr. Keller confirms that his visions are the real deal: he possesses genetic advancements like those of highly evolved Ancients. Unfortunately, Davos can't tell Carter what actions of hers will or will not lead to the terrible consequences he foresees.

The stakes get even higher when the Wraith's hive ship, which has been secretly tracking its master's movements, arrives in orbit above the planet. His people now know Atlantis's location, although he promises they won't publicize it unless Atlantis fires on them.

Carter decides to let McKay and the Wraith begin the reprogramming project, but soon a second hive ship zeroes in on the city. The Wraith insists that he's not responsible, and McKay speculates that this second ship is merely curious to know what a lone hive is doing at such a remote planet. If that's true, they can just cloak the city and hide from the second ship until the first persuades it to leave.

If the two ships are planning to betray and attack Atlantis, however, the city will be unshielded and vulnerable as long as the cloak is active. Carter must decide whether to trust Sheppard's Wraith and cloak the city, or take the safer path and raise shields. The future of Atlantis depends on her making the right call.


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Production Notes

  • Joseph Mallozzi says that hints to the plot of this episode can be found in his poem in his December 31, 2006 entry. The line for this episode appears to be "Receive a grand gift from an all-seeing shaman." (Joseph Mallozzi's April 15 blog)
  • There is a "very good chance" that we'll see Robert Picardo (playing Richard Woolsey) in The Seer. (Joseph Mallozzi's April 15 blog)
  • "As for which episodes fans should be looking forward to most for each member of the team - it‘s tough to say only because my opinion could be very different from fan opinion especially when you start factoring in the different fan factions. But, in my opinnion, I’d say: [...] The Seer for Carter [...]" (Joseph Mallozzi's April 15 blog)
  • "James [Robbins, Production Designer] and Tom [Wells, Supervising Art Director] pop in for an impromptu meeting with Paul and I, looking ahead to possible builds for the next few episodes. No major construction for The Seer, but we will marry some of the exterior scenes from this episode to the This Mortal Coil shoot. James and Tom also pitch out how they’d like to pull off the “horrific reveal” at script’s end. I love it!" (Joseph Mallozzi's April 18 blog)
  • Questions: (a) "In which episode are we going to see again the Wraith from Common Ground? In the Seer? Is he going to be the Wraith who wants to work with Atlantis?" and (b) "Will he become a recurring character?" Answers: (a) "We will see him in The Seer." (b) "Maybe." (Joseph Mallozzi's May 4 blog)
  • "And then, look at who dropped by the office today: none other than Bob Picardo who is in town filming an episode of Stargate: Atlantis (The Seer)." Photo included. (Joseph Mallozzi's May 7 blog)
  • "Paul and Alan have just finished their producer cut of The Seer in which Richard Woolsey pops in for an impromptu visit." (Joseph Mallozzi's June 1 blog)
  • The Seer introduces a new alien race called the Vadeenans whose leader Davos gives a look into a possibly dangerous immediate future. The episode "sets some really unexpected wheels in motion. All I can say without giving too much away is that we're planting some interesting seeds that will emerge, and it gives this season's plots a twist in a very clever way." — Joe Flanigan, Starburst interview, published August 2007.
  • "It's a bit of a bumpy road for her [Col. Samantha Carter], especially in an episode later on called "The Seer." It's an episode that explores her command decision. It forces her to step up and assume that command role in a big way under the scrutiny of Richard Woolsey, who happens to be there while all this is happening. He's there to review her three-month stay as commander, so there's added pressure. That's kind of another fun episode. It's always fun to have Bob Picardo swinging by." — Joseph Mallozzi in MSN TV Blog interview, September 27, 2007.
  • "For instance, the fact that she [Teyla] was pregnant, it's something she's afraid of revealing to the rest of the team, because she's afraid of how they're going to react and whether they'll still want her on the team. When she finally comes forward and reveals it, I can tell you some are happy and one is not very happy to find that basically she'd been keeping it a secret from him that long. So it strains relationships in that respect as well. What we set out to do in Season Four is untidy things a bit and strain relationships a bit and just see where we can go with that. [...] Um...I can't tell you [who the father is]. But I will say this: fans who are looking for any kind of on-base romance will be disappointed. Because the father is not a member of the Atlantis expedition." — Joseph Mallozzi, MSN TV Blog interview, September 27, 2007.

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