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The Atlantis Expedition and the Wraith join forces to execute a daring plan against a common enemy.

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MGM/ Official Summary

The Replicators are wiping out the human populations of planet after planet, to destroy the Wraith's food supply. In response, Atlantis's exploratory teams are visiting human-inhabited planets and attempting to persuade their denizens to evacuate. In addition, McKay and the captive Wraith in Atlantis collaborate to create an anti-Replicator weapon, but their progress is frustratingly slow.

While they struggle, both the Daedalus and the Apollo roam the galaxy, destroying Replicator ships one by one with new Asgard weapons. When all remaining Replicator ships retreat to their planet to prepare for a massive attack, however, the two Earth-built warships must also retreat to Atlantis, because they're no match for the entire Replicator armada at once.

McKay abruptly realizes that instead of designing a program to tear Replicators apart, he could design a program to fuse them all together until they collapse into a single dense object, similar to a neutron star. The plan is tricky for two reasons. The best way to deliver the necessary command into the Replicator network is for McKay to create his own Replicator that could infect the network with the virus. Also, the team will need an entire fleet of warships to contain the Replicator armada around their planet long enough for each Replicator ship to be sucked into the mass.

After several false starts, McKay builds a human form Replicator, whom he dubs Fran. Designed to be enthusiastic about her mission, Fran informs McKay that if the implosion doesn't happen quickly enough, the fused Replicators will regain self-control and become a gigantic super-Replicator. McKay resolves to beam into the Replicator city himself during the attack to program their Z.P.M.s to explode, accelerating the collapse.

As McKay works, the rest of Sheppard's team enlists 14 warships from the Wraith and from Larrin's people, the Travelers, to join the fight. The dangers they face on this unconventional diplomatic mission force Teyla to tell her team that she's pregnant. Sheppard, rattled, brusquely removes her from active duty; Ronon, who is sympathetic to Teyla, guesses that the father is her missing Athosian friend, Kanan.

The allied fleet assembles at the Replicator homeworld. As a fierce space battle erupts in orbit, McKay and Fran beam to the planet. Fran activates herself and the Replicators start fusing together. McKay hacks into the Z.P.M. controls, but before he can finish his job, damage from the implosion knocks out power circuits that he's relying on. With the Replicators on the verge of regaining self-control, everyone must hope that McKay can find another solution — fast.


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Production Notes

  • "Brad will probably be too busy to write an episode of Atlantis this season but has come up with a terrific story that should figure into the mid-season two-parter." (Joseph Mallozzi's February 21 blog)
  • "No hints but I will say that it will be very different from previous mid-season two-parters." (Joseph Mallozzi's March 19 blog)
  • Martin Gero will be writing this episode. (Joseph Mallozzi's April 16 blog)
  • "Anonymous #4 writes: “Joe which will be the science geek eppy in season 4.. I mean the one where we will see a hell of a lot of space ships and advanced technology at work…” Answer: The second part of the mid-season two-parter certainly fits the bill in a big way." Additionally, "development and evolution" of the Asgard Legacy from SG-1's "Unending" will be addressed in this episode. (Joseph Mallozzi's April 17 blog)
  • "Martin is finishing up work on the second part of the mid-season two-parter." (Joseph Mallozzi's May 7 blog)
  • "Hey, look at what showed up on my desk yesterday. It’s the second part of the mid-season two-parter compliments of Marty G. I predict it will vie for the title of Season Four Fan Favorite Episode. We’ll see if the title sticks." (Joseph Mallozzi's May 9 blog)
  • "Anyways, the reason I was here was because a scheduling conflict came up and Sam Carter had to be taken out of some scenes in an upcoming episode called “Be All My Sins Remember’d.” So I came in before the concept meeting to publish the changes Martin Gero made." (Alex Levine's May 17 blog)
  • Michael Beach and Mitch Pileggi will both be in the episode because both of their characters' ships, the Apollo and Daedalus, will be in the Pegasus Galaxy in orbit over Atlantis. (Joseph Mallozzi's May 19 blog)
  • "Top the day off with a notes call with Nora from SciFi and Deb from Sony - they liked Be All My Sins Remember’d a lot which made it all that more pleasant - and chalk up another day’s work well done." (Joseph Mallozzi's May 22 blog)
  • "Spent most of the day in editing today (Reunion is coming along swimmingly), taking a break for lunch and the Be All My Sins Remember’d read-through. I read the part of Caldwell and really killed. Alan McCullough read the part of the lovely Larrin and we were all blown away by the palpable chemistry between him and Joe Flanigan. If we’d known he’d do such a spectacular job, we’d have cast HIM for Travelers." (Joseph Mallozzi's May 28 blog)
  • "There’s a particularly sweet scene in Be All My Sins" between Teyla and Rodney. (Joseph Mallozzi's June 27 blog)
  • "A really sweet one [emotional scene between Ronon and Teyla] in Be All My Sins Remember’d." (Joseph Mallozzi's July 9 blog)
  • When asked, "Any "Reckoning" style episodes in the near future for Atlantis?" Joseph Mallozzi stated, "BAMSR." (Joseph Mallozzi's July 17 blog)
  • "By the way, we watched Marty G.’s producer cut of Be All My Sins Remember’d today. Another great episode. Can’t say enough about the convening of the war council scene." (Joseph Mallozzi's July 31 blog)
  • "In fact, Jill will be back to do the mid-season two-parter where, for a second time, Sheppard and Larrin will have to work together." — Joe Flanigan, Starburst interview, published August 2007.
  • "Actually three great mixes of late: ...Be All My Sins Remember’d (Awesome. This one boasts the greatest visual effects sequences the show has ever done. Mark [Savela] is going to be hard-pressed to top this one.)..." (Joseph Mallozzi's October 31 blog)
  • "For the greatest space battle we’ve ever done, check out BAMSR." (Joseph Mallozzi's November 5 blog)

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