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Roshure being judged by Taldor


The Taldor were the ruling body of all the island states of P3X-775. They ruled with a strict hand. All crimes met with the same punishment: life imprisonment stranded on the planet Hadante.

Stargate References

Punctuality was emblematic of civilized behavior. The Taldor considered themselves very cultured, and were extremely xenophobic. After a few negotiations in trying to get SG-1 back, Major Kovacek hoped during the trip with General Hammond, they may actually get to see the faces of some of the Taldor.

Kovacek's analysis also described the Taldor as arrogant, self-centered, and narrow-minded. Hammond's own impression appeared to coincide with this after he met them.

The Taldor culture appeared to be somewhat advanced technology. They were able to use beaming technology to transport individuals to the trial chamber, as well as strip them of any weapons. SG-1 trespassed in the ancient grounds just by walking through the Stargate. They unwittingly broke Taldor law again when they tried to help a frightened man who was running. As it turned out Roshure was an accused murderer who was trying to escape the Taldor. SG-1 was convicted with him for crimes ranging from trespassing to essentially accessories after the fact for Roshure's murder.

SG-3 and SG-9 tried unsuccessfully to negotiate for SG-1's release. Hammond even took his first trip through the Stargate to P3X-775 to try to directly negotiate with the Taldor, but he too failed. Hammond himself was almost sent to Hadante despite Major Kovacek's warnings because he declared responsibility for SG-1. The Taldor dismissed his admission of guilt by proxy because he denied any knowledge of Roshure's crime. However, they still refused to release SG-1. SG-1 eventually escaped Hadante with the help of Linea, but it is unclear if the Taldor ever discovered this.

Notable Characters

The Taldor never revealed their individual faces, but the judicial body was made up of male and female members.


  • None. Though xenophobic, they appeared willing to consider negotiation with the SGC, but their hasty conviction of SG-1 during first contact made that possibility untenable.


  • Linea — Linea earned the nickname "destroyer of worlds" by killing half the population of the planet with a biological weapon.


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