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Turghan was one of the most powerful chieftains of the Shavadai, the people of Simarka, introduced in the episode, 1.04 "Emancipation". When Abu, the son of a rival chieftain, was taken in by the beauty of the fair-skinned, blue-eyed Capt. Samantha Carter, he decided to kidnap her and trade her for Turghan's daughter, Nya. Turghan refused the trade, but instead bought Carter for three hundred weights of gold. When Carter resisted his ownership, she ended up fighting him to the death as the chieftain of her people (SG-1). Instead of killing Turghan, Carter spared his life as she held a knife at his throat. She obtained the fair treatment of the women of the Shavadai in exchange for Turghan's life.


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