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On the planet of Simarka, where the fierce Mongolian race of Shavadai mistreat their oppressed females, Sam Carter is kidnapped and sold to a brutal warlord. When her escape attempt fails, Carter challenges the Shavidai's misogynous ways in a battle of wits and wills which may bring women equality or end in her own death.

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On the planet Simarka, the SG-1 team meets the Shavadai, a race of people similar to the ancient Mongols of Earth. These skilled horsemen and fierce warriors operate by a strict code, which includes second-class status for women. Capt. Samantha Carter is threatened by death on her first encounter with the Shavadai chief, Mughal, and is only spared because she saved the life of his son, Abu.

Carter faces peril again when she is kidnapped by Abu, who hopes to trade her for the hand of Nya, the daughter of Moughal's powerful enemy, Turghan. The deal goes bad, and Carter ends up the unwilling property of the warrior chief. She is determined to escape but torn by pity for the lovelorn Nya and Abu. Carter arranges Nya's escape from Turghan's tyranny and is rescued from his clutches by Colonel Jack O'Neill and the SG-1 team. But Carter's ordeal is not over yet; Turghan caught his daughter trying to elope and will stone her to death for her disloyalty unless Carter can defeat him in combat. In the circle of battle, Carter must prove she is the equal of any man—or die trying.


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