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Sheriff Wade Stokes


Wade Stokes was the sheriff of Silver Creek County in Colorado where Jack O'Neill kept a cabin. He was a friend to both Jack and General Hank Landry, who knew him well enough to call him by his first name and provide advice which was willingly accepted by Stokes in the performance of his duties.

Character Biography

Stokes had a limited staff of three deputies with whom to work when an animal began attacking and killing hunters near the cabin. He could barely keep the hunters under control after one was killed by a creature, thought at first to be a grizzly bear. Landry and Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell were at the cabin for a bit of rest and relaxation ordered by Landry of the members of SG-1. Only Mitchell was present with Landry when the attacks began.

The SGC discovered that the creature was a mutated local animal affected by the use of the Sodan cloaking device by an operative of The Trust who had been sent to spy on Landry and SG-1. The SGC had modified the cloaking device to prevent its emitting harmful radiation, but it turns out this radiation was meant to keep a leech-like creature from crossing from another dimension into the wearer's. When the radiation was canceled, the parasite came into the wearer's dimension, bored into a local animal, and altered its host's DNA. Eventually, the creature killed another hunter and Stokes before it and another of its kind were killed by SGC personnel.


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