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Worrel was a landowner on P6G-452 who was hired by the Lucian Alliance to grow and distribute the genetically-engineered and highly-addictive corn called kassa. (9.16 "Off The Grid")

Character Biography

Believing that SG-1 was behind the stealing of the Stargate on his planet, he held the four teammembers prisoner at his home and tortured them for two days for information about the whereabouts of the Stargate. Worrel worked for Netan and Netan instructed him to kill SG-1 and report to him because Netan didn't believe that SG-1 had anything to do with the lost Stargate. SG-1 was rescued before Worrel could carry out the executions. Netan tracked down his missing Stargate which was stolen by Ba'al. The Stargate was most likely destroyed along with Ba'al's ha'tak after Netan engaged Ba'al in battle. The kassa crop being grown by Worrel most likely went bad because of the lack of the Stargate which was used to distribute the produce. (9.16 "Off The Grid")


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