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Daniel approaches P6G-452 Stargate


P6G-452 was the planet where Worrel kept a stronghold and grew several acres of kassa crops. The Stargate on the planet was stolen by Ba'al.


  • Names and Designations: P6G-452
  • Number of Suns: At least one
  • Number of Moons: Unknown
  • Source of Address: Villager on planet visited by SG-3
  • Introduced in Episode: 9.16 "Off The Grid"
  • Earth Cultural/Technological Equivalent: Simple agrarian culture; Weapons used by Lucian alliance are similar to modern Earth guns and artillery
  • Main Interest: Kassa crops
  • Influenced/Dominated by: Lucian Alliance
  • History of Stargate: Unknown beginnings; Stargate stolen by Ba'al while SG-1 was on the planet. It is unknown if the Stargate was returned to the world by the SGC, but the probability is very unlikely.

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Geopolitical Structure and History

After SG-3 witnessed the addictive powers of the kassa crop, including having one of their own team members afflicted by craving the corn-like crop, Col. Reynolds convinced one of the villagers on the planet to explain where the kassa came from. The villager reluctantly gave the team the coordinates for P6G-452.

SG-1 arrived on the planet undercover. Their orders were not to draw attention to themselves and just to gain intelligence on this new dangerous substance spreading through the galaxy. They approached a farmer who was tasting the merchandise while transporting a crop. Extremely nervous by SG-1's presence, the farmer pointed out the home/stronghold of Worrel, who owned all of the kassa crops. Mitchell ordered the farmer to set up a meeting between himself and Worrel.

Mitchell awaited Worrel while the rest of SG-1 stayed back in reserve. Worrel was suspicious of Mitchell and his offer to buy a large amount of kassa. SG-1 rescued Mitchell and made their way back to the Stargate, but it was beamed out before Daniel could finish dialing. Surrounded and with their escape route gone, SG-1 surrendered to the Lucian Alliance.

Worrel, now knowing SG-1's identities, was certain the team had engineered the Stargate's disappearance as a way to stop his export of the Kassa. SG-1 remained bound in the compound and were beaten by Worrel and his men, interrogated on the Stargate's whereabouts for almost two days. Recalled by his superiors, Worrel saw no further reason to keep SG-1 alive. The Odyssey fortuitously arrived and beamed the team out just before the Alliance members opened fire.

Worrel's superior, Netan, arrived in his ha'tak and Worrel reported his failure. Two-thirds of the crop would rot uselessly since without a Stargate, the kassa crop could not be harvested and exported quickly enough. Netan went after Ba'al to try and retrieve his Stargate. He destroyed Ba'al's ha'tak, but there is no word on if the one remaining Stargate on board the ship survived the explosion. It is likely P6G-452 still has no Stargate.


Kassa field on P6G-452
Farmer transporting kassa on P6G-452
Carter, Daniel & Teal'c watch Mitchell's progress from afar
Mitchell held in Worrel's compound
Daniel dials DHD just before Stargate disappears
SG-1 held by Worrel


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