Coming Soon: Levesque, Luttrell, Shanks, Staite

Stargate Solutions Coming Soon FeaturevWe’ve updated our new COMING SOON feature recently with the addition of projects for ELYSE LEVESQUE, RACHEL LUTTRELL, MICHAEL SHANKS, and JEWEL STAITE. Additionally, we’ve discovered some more details for projects done by BEAU BRIDGES, BEN BROWDER, ALAINA HUFFMAN, and ROBERT PICARDO.

So, without further ado, here are the announcements and updates!


ELYSE LEVESQUE was mentioned in an interview with Twilight Saga‘s Tinsel Corey at about a new project she’s just finished called Fishing Naked. “It’s a comedy, I’ve been looking to do more comedic stuff. It’s called Fishing Naked, and I know the title sounds a little risqué but it’s more like your connection to the earth. Bronson Pelletier is in it, and also Elyse Levesque from Stargate Universe. And it is sort of like American Pie with a little bit of a supernatural twist. Its hilarious – I was reading it last night again and I was cracking up! It is a really funny movie.” The movie is being released in September 2011, but we don’t have a poster for it yet, so Elyse’s Coming Soon placeholder image sits in its place.

Way back, we reported that RACHEL LUTTRELL got a guest spot in Stevel Seagal’s new show True Justice. Since that report, Rachel said that it was a recurring role as a police officer, but we don’t have the names of the episodes in which she appears. The show debuted in the UK on 5USA on July 6 and it is still airing on Wednesday nights. The police action drama takes place on the dangerous streets of Seattle, Washington. While it was being produced, the show went through some name changes, and there’s talk that it will be released in the United States as a series of DTV movies. We’ll see, but in the meantime, Rachel’s recurring role status has been added to COMING SOON.

MICHAEL SHANKS has been busy going back and forth between Vancouver and Toronto lately because he’s working on projects that are being filmed in both locations. Not long ago, he filmed a pilot called Saving Hope in Toronto, then he returned to Vancouver where he shot The Pastor’s Wife. Then, back in Toronto, he filmed a guest spot in Flashpoint, and is now back in Vancouver filming a small role in the Matt Damon movie Elysium (aka Baja Dunes), which is “…a sci-fi story set 100 years in the future, with Matt Damon playing an ex-con and Jodie Foster playing the head of state of an alien race. A colonization plot thread has been rumored as part of the movie,” according to The release date currently set for this movie is March 1, 2013! All of these projects, except the pilot, have now got posters in COMING SOON.

JEWEL STAITE just revealed via her Twitter that she has a role in Stargate alum MARTIN GERO‘s new six-part, hour-long series for CTV called Highland Gardens (working title). Details for this project can be found at the Bell Media PR website, which describes the series: “Set in and around an apartment-style hotel that draws aspiring performers from Canada, the U.S. and all over the world, HIGHLAND GARDENS is a no-holds-barred, character-driven relationship drama that follows the exploits of six young hopefuls in search of celluloid and stardom in Hollywood. Full of heart-rending moments, salacious temptations and hilarious escapades, HIGHLAND GARDEN’s coming-of-age dwellers grapple with life’s defining moments as they deal with the unreality of the show-biz industry.” Jewel plays the “street-smart Haligonian Raquel, who’s frightened of becoming yesterday’s news.” They’ll be moving their filming from Toronto to Hollywood in the fall. There’s no premiere date set.


We reported that BEAU BRIDGES will be in the Family Movie Night special Home and Away, and now we’ve got an update on that project: It’s title has been changed to Game Time: Tackling the Past and it will premiere on September 3 on NBC at 8/7c. If “Family Movie Night” sounds familiar, it’s because JOE FLANIGAN starred in one of its installments, Change of Plans. The Family Movie Night website has not been updated for Beau’s movie yet, but we expect that to happen soon.

We also reported that BEN BROWDER got a role in Bad Kids Go to Hell, but inadvertently left his Coming Soon poster out of the feature’s launch! We also knew about ROBERT PICARDO‘s role in The Legends of Nethiah, but we left out that poster, too! We’ve now corrected our errors of omission!

Syfy put out a press release about their new show Alphas (posted by TV By the Numbers), so now we have the name of the episode and its premiere date for ALAINA HUFFMAN‘s guest spot. Her episode will be airing this coming Monday, August 8, at 10/9c, and another Stargate alum, PETER WINGFIELD, will also be guesting in the same episode.


As our Stargate actors move on from the franchise into new roles, we’ll do our best to keep up. You’ll see all that we’ve got in the COMING SOON feature. We’ll do our best to give you a “heads-up” for the coming week in our regular STARGATE PLANNER feature that’s posted each Sunday. And then after the movie and television spots have been screened or aired, we’ll add images of the actors in their new roles to their galleries on their profile pages in our ACTORS…BEYOND THE EVENT HORIZON feature. Even with all of this research, we’re bound to miss something, even though we’re monitoring their Twitter accounts in our STARGATE TWITTER SUPERFEED, and that’s where you come in. If you hear of a new role or a release date or anything like that, please contact us so that we can update our readers. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our actor-specific features.

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