Stargate Planner: Week of June 6-12

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June 6
SGU S2 BlockadeSTARGATE UNIVERSE on Sky One at 8 PM with “Blockade”: After discovering that the drones have found a way to pinpoint the stars that Destiny is planning to draw power from, Eli comes up with a plan: a high-risk one…

PAUL McGILLION guest stars in the first season finale of Canada’s Showcase’s Endgame. The episode is called “Deadman Talking” and premieres tonight at 10 PM ET. Paul plays Sebastian Wilks, a powerful lawyer who might be a murderer. This role was meant to be recurring, but the show has been cancelled.

AMANDA TAPPING‘s Sanctuary returns to Syfy at 10 PM ET with “Carentan.”

LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS will be on stage this week (June 6-12) to reprise his role as the King of Siam in The King and I at the Kansas City Starlight Theatre.
June 7
MICHAEL SHANKS‘s Australian film Arctic Blast is released today on DVD in North America.

JOE FLANIGAN‘s Syfy original movie Ferocious Planet is released on DVD today in Region 1 (North America)!

June 8
A Fine Young ManTonight is the Leo Award’s Celebration Awards Ceremony and we’ll find out if PAUL McGILLION has won any of the four nominations received by his short film A Fine Young Man. Visit the awards’ homepage for the details.

Today is LEXA DOIG‘s birthday! Tweet happy b’day wishes @LexaShmexa.
June 9
SGU star ALAINA HUFFMAN will be attending the SUPERMAN CELEBRATION in Metropolis, Illinois, which starts today and runs until the 12th. Huffman play Black Canary in Smallville. Make sure to visit the con’s website for details.

June 10
JEWEL STAITE is scheduled to attend the CONTAGION: OUTBREAK! con in Omaha, Nebraska. The con starts today and runs until the 12th. Visit the con’s website for more information.

LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS hosts the next installment of the Military Channel’s An Officer and a Movie: Code Name: Emerald. Check out the production’s homepage for more information.

Today is MIKE DOPUD‘s birthday. Tweet happy b’day wishes @MikeDopud.
June 11
SGU MaliceTonight we’ll find out if SGU’s JENNIFER SPENCE will receive her LEO AWARD for her performance in “Malice.”

AMANDA TAPPING is also up for an award for her performance in the Sanctuary episode “Breach,” which is one of the 17 nominations the show received this year. Visit the awards’ homepage for the details.

June 12


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