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Vala Mal Doran is a "space pirate" who claimed to be a former host to a Goa'uld. She attempted to steal the Prometheus to trade it for an extremely large amount of weapons grade naquadah, but her plans were thwarted by Daniel Jackson. Vala made her escape from the Prometheus and then later sought out Daniel on Earth after she obtained a tablet encoded with Ancient writings. This tablet led to the discovery of Avalon of Arthurian mythology. Vala was introduced in the episode, 8.12 "Prometheus Unbound".

Character Biography

Vala hijacked the Prometheus while it was on a rescue mission to the Pegasus Galaxy. She sent out a distress call that Gen. Hammond, commander of the mission, decided to answer in case there were human slaves in need of assistance. Once they arrived, they discovered two Goa'uld ships which had been damaged in a fire fight. One was a cargo ship and the other, an al'kesh. They determined that the source of the signal was the al'kesh and sent SG-3 to investigate. Vala wore the suit of one of Anubis' Kull Warriors and used a zat gun to disable the small crew. Eventually all of the Prometheus crew members were stranded on the al'kesh, except for Dr. Daniel Jackson. Vala took the ship to a planet a day's distance away, even at hyperspeed.

Daniel attempted to kill the Kull Warrior with the SGC's nullification weapon, but, because she wasn't a Kull Warrior, the weapon was ineffective. She promptly shot him with the zat and tied him to the command chair. When he regained consciousness, Daniel attempted to strike up a conversation with the Warrior and then came to find out that it was a woman in the armor. Vala tortured Daniel, striking him and shooting him with the Kull Warrior's laser weapon, in order to get the codes to unlock the ship's command systems, but he claimed he didn't have the codes.

Vala healed Daniel's wound from the laser weapon with a small hand-held healing device. Daniel thought that Vala was a Goa'uld because she could operate the healing device, but she said that she was a former host. She claimed that having been a former host of a Goa'uld permitted her to not only use the Goa'uld technology, but also to understand the systems of the Prometheus. She said that the technology was primitive.

Vala used every trick in the book to get information out of Daniel. When physical torture didn't get her the results she needed, she tried sexual distraction. Daniel, however, matched her strategies with his own and managed to get out of his binds and overcome Vala while she was in the engine room setting the course for her rendezvous with buyers. These buyers were trading a large chest full of weapons grade naquadah, but Daniel thought that they were Vala's people, refugees from a planet which had been taken by Camulus and was vulnerable to Ba'al's forces after Camulus' defeat. Vala told Daniel that a Tok'ra had come to her planet ten years ago and started a rebellion against the ruling Goa'uld. She just so happened to be the host to that Goa'uld. The people captured her and tortured her, but the Tok'ra took pity and removed the symbiote and nursed her back to health. She said her people were nearly wiped out by Camulus and were now threatened by Ba'al. She wanted the Prometheus to help rescue her people from the moon to which they had fled and take them to a planet far from Goa'uld rule. Daniel locked Vala up in the brig and met the buyers, thinking they were her people. But, he had the presence of mind to put on the protective outer armor of the Kull Warrior's suit. When he met the two alien buyers, he realized that Vala was stealing the Prometheus in order to sell it. He tried to break off the deal, but the aliens pulled their weapons on him. Then, the Prometheus was attacked by Goa'uld death gliders, most likely those belonging to Ba'al.

Daniel managed to get back to the Prometheus and take off, but the ship took a lot of damage. Vala pursuaded him to let her out of the brig so that she could help him fight the al'kesh and death gliders. She still had control of the ship's systems because she had reprogrammed the ship's access codes. With shields failing and weapons near depletion, it appeared that they were about to be destroyed when Gen. Hammond and the rest of the Prometheus crew came to their rescue in the al'kesh to which Vala had abandoned them.

Daniel zatted Vala and returned her to the brig. While he was with the bridge crew, she made her escape, taking the al'kesh into hyperspace and jamming the Prometheus' sensors so that they could not follow. Even though Vala had attempted to steal the Prometheus and abandon the crew on a disabled ship in the middle of Ba'al's territory, Daniel still couldn't help but respect her abilities as she made her escape. Unfortunately, the Prometheus had seen too much hull damage for them to complete their rescue mission to the Pegasus Galaxy.



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