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The crew of the Prometheus consisted of USAF personnel and civilian consultants. The X-303 battle cruiser was the first Earth-built intergalactic spaceship, was named in the episode, 6.11 "Prometheus", and was destroyed in the episode, 9.15 "Ethon".

Season Six

When the ship was still being built and hadn't been launched, it was called the X-303. In the episode, 6.11 "Prometheus", the ship was stolen by a group with ties to the Goa'uld Adrian Conrad and the NID's Colonel Frank Simmons. This group posed as members of a news crew which was able to gain access to the ship by threatening to go public with it. In exchange for seeing the ship, the news crew was promised that they would have the exclusive if it were ever deemed by the government to be made public. Showing the ship to the crew were Major Samantha Carter, Jonas Quinn, and two SF's, Gibson and Finney.

The thieves were Smith, Jones, Reynolds, and Sanderson. They were joined later by Colonel Simmons and Adrian Conrad. They took captive the reporter, Julia Donavan, and her editor, Al Martell, as well as Carter and Jonas. They killed Martell and thought that they had been successful at killing Carter, but she was able to escape to a portion of the ship which was still under construction. The thieves were able to take the ship into orbit and plot a course for a location said to be rich in weapons.

Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'c were able to get onboard the ship with the use of gliders that they had obtained from a Goa'uld ship which had crashed into the ocean off of the coast of Alaska (6.03 "Descent"). Together, they were able to gain control of the ship which was stranded out in the middle of the unknown. Fortunately, Thor found them. He needed their help to stop the Replicators, so he towed them back to Earth, deposited the good and bad guys, and then took SG-1 to Hala where they had been able to assemble every Replicator out there in one place. SG-1 was successful in their mission to help Thor capture the Replicators in a time-dilation bubble where time would advance much slower than usual. This bought the Asgard some time in developing a plan to rid the universe of the Replicators once and for all (6.12 "Unnatural Selection").

The naming of the ship was one thing that O'Neill couldn't agree on. He wanted to name it Enterprise, but Carter said that they couldn't do that. The project code name for building the X-303 was Prometheus, so they decided to name the ship that.

After SG-1 was able to bring the Prometheus home from helping the Asgard, it was given a staff of Air Force personnel. The first commander of the ship was Colonel William Ronson. The Prometheus had the following bridge crew:

They took the ship out, with SG-1, to test the hyperspace engines, powered by naquadria. The test failed and left the ship stranded "dead in the water". Jonas knew about the Stargate addresses nearby and they were able to take the ship to the planet Tagrea so that they could use the planet's Stargate to get home and get new parts for the crippled ship. After helping the Tagreans find their Stargate (it had been buried), they fixed the engines to start home. SG-1 went back to Earth via the Stargate and the Prometheus continued on its course back home with small jumps into and out of hyperspace (6.20 "Memento").

Season Seven

The first appearance of the Prometheus in the episode, 7.13 "Grace", has been left to interpretation by the program's viewers. Whether or not all of the events specific to the crew of the Prometheus which are portrayed in this "dream" episode happened or were in Major Samantha Carter's mind is of great debate. The Prometheus was said to be about four jumps away from home and Major Samantha Carter was onboard to study a nearby gaseous cloud, something which would interest the astrophysicist in her. They were near the cloud when they encountered a very large alien vessel which attacked them without provocation or warning. Carter advised Colonel Ronson to escape the alien vessel by taking cover in the cloud. She suffered a concussion in the attack and fell into unconsciousness. When she awoke, she discovered that all of the crew has been transported off of the Prometheus and only she remained. Since the cloud was distorting the space-time continuum, she felt that she was alone on the ship for more days than she actually was. She was visited by an illusionary version of each of her teammates, her father, and a little girl named Grace who gave her the idea of how to break free of the cloud in which both the alien vessel and the Prometheus were trapped. In her providing a solution to the problem, the aliens onboard the attacking ship returned the Prometheus crew and went their merry way without saying a word. We are left not knowing who they were or what dangers they posed to Earth.

There was a race to find the Lost City of the Ancients and Colonel Jack O'Neill held the knowledge of the Ancients in his mind once again after taking the download from a Repository of Knowledge on the planet P3X-439. When it was apparent that Anubis was hot on the SGC's heels in finding the Lost City as well, the Prometheus was called into action from its subterranean bay (it had already reached home by this time) to protect SG-1's efforts to get to the Antarctic outpost where the weapons existed to overpower Anubis' fleet. While SG-1 and Master Bra'tac used a modified ring transport beam from an acquired Goa'uld cargo ship, the Prometheus hovered over them to protect them from Anubis' attack vessels. Along with the Prometheus were the entire fleet of F-302's. The President of the United States, Henry Hayes, had asked that General George Hammond take command of the Prometheus, so the bridge crew consisted of the following:

The battle was desperate and the Prometheus left the Antarctic when SG-1 had successfully penetrated the ice and entered the outpost. General Hammond took the Prometheus into orbit, targeting Anubis' mothership. The Prometheus lost its shields and it was determined that the next round from Anubis' weaponry would be the ship's last. General Hammond set the Prometheus on an intercept course in order to ram into Anubis' ship, presuming that the impact would destroy Anubis at the same time the Prometheus was destroyed. Fortunately, Jack was able to activate the Ancient's weapon from the outpost and the powerful weapon eliminated all thirty or so of Anubis' ships. The Prometheus was saved along with all those left on Earth (7.21 "Lost City Part 1" and 7.22 "Lost City Part 2").

Season Eight

Colonel Lionel Pendergast started the season as the commander of the Prometheus in the Season Eight episode, 8.02 "New Order Part 2". We are not given the name of the female crew member who opened channels to broadcast a message for the Colonel as he saw an alien vessel approach Earth. Fortunately, for all concerned, the alien vessel turned out to be Thor's Daniel Jackson with Teal'c onboard. Since the close of Season Seven, the Prometheus must have been assigned to keep watch from Earth's orbit for additional attacks following Anubis' attempt to destroy Earth.

These two individuals were called to their stations in the episode, 8.10 "Endgame", and ordered to take the Prometheus out of the hanger and into orbit to search for a cloaked Al'kesh ship which Osiris left behind from the episode, 7.15 "Chimera". The ship was being used by former NID agents who had organized themselves as The Trust to steal the Stargate from the SGC's embarkation room and then use the Stargate to launch rockets with symbiote poison to Goa'uld-controlled planets, killing millions of Jaffa in the process. Working with Brig. Gen. Jack O'Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson, the crew was able to locate the ship when Daniel disabled the cloak after beaming himself onto the ship which had been orbiting Earth's moon. The crew was supposed to wait for Daniel to disable the Al'kesh's hyperdrive, but Daniel was discovered and captured before being able to do so. With the possibility that the ship could jump through a hyperspace window and the Prometheus would not be able to pursue it because the Asgard were in the middle of helping them install an upgrade to their hyperdrive engines, Col. Pendergast was prepared to fire upon the enemy ship to prevent it from getting away, but Jack asked that he wait just a little longer for Daniel to see the mission through. SG-1 was successful in beaming onto the Prometheus along with the stolen Stargate before The Trust engaged the hyperdrive. The mission was only a half-success, since the Al'kesh was now in the hands of The Trust with enough symbiote poison to wipe out at least six more worlds.

The Atlantis Expedition Team had not been heard from since they left nearly a year ago. General George Hammond had had enough of sending people out on risky missions and not being able to personally see to their rescues. This all changed when he took advantage of his position as the head of Homeworld Security and appointed himself as the commander of the Prometheus to finally find out what had happened to his people in the Pegasus Galaxy. He selected his crew, several of whom worked closely with him through his years as the commander of the SGC:

With the Asgard hyperdrive fully installed and tested (8.08 "Covenant", 8.10 "Endgame", 8.11 "Gemini"), General Hammond took the ship out of its bay in Nevada and headed toward the Pegasus Galaxy. Dr. Jackson gave the mission briefing, and Dr. Novak made certain that the ship operated to its fullest capabilities in hyperspace. Still inside of the Milky Way Galaxy, the crew intercepted a distress call made by a human woman. Although they thought it could be a trap, they also recognized that it could have been a genuine call for help. They went about 20 minutes off course to the coordinates of the distress call and found an al'kesh and a cargo ship drifting, but no one responded to their transmissions. Col. Reynolds led his team to the crippled al'kesh to investigate. He reasoned that if there were no survivors that they could possibly salvage the ship. Little did they know that they had ringed into a trap. The space pirate Vala Mal Doran disabled their ring transporter on the al'kesh so that they could not return to the Prometheus. She ringed herself only a few seconds before onto Earth's ship and began disabling the crew with a zat gun. As Gen. Hammond attempted to regain control of his ship, Vala started to transport the small crew onto the al'kesh. Eventually, the entire crew, except for a very evasive Daniel Jackson, were onboard the crippled ship. They watched helplessly as Vala took their ship away. Eventually, Daniel caught Vala and put her into the brig, but by then it was too late. She had reprogrammed the access codes so that only she could pilot the ship and had set it on a journey to a planet where she'd trade the ship with a case full of weapons grade naquadah. Daniel thwarted the deal, and after zatting the two aliens who met him on the planet, he attempted to take the Prometheus off of the planet while it was under attack by hostiles in death gliders and al'kesh (most likely those belonging to Ba'al). With Vala's relunctantly offered help, Daniel got the ship off the planet, but it had sustained hull damage, so going into hyperspace wasn't possible. The stranded crew in the al'kesh managed to get the al'kesh working, thanks to the engineering knowledge of Dr. Novak, the bravery of Gen. Hammond in obtaining crystals from the severely disabled cargo ship, and the adept flying and battling stategies of Sgt. Harriman. Even after getting locked into the brig for a second time, Vala managed to escape and overpower SG-3 who were on the salvaged al'kesh. The Prometheus's rescue mission had to be aborted because of all of the damage done to the hull. (8.12 "Prometheus Unbound")

After repairs, the Prometheus was once again called into Earth's orbit to locate The Trust's al'kesh. The Trust's members had been captured and made Goa'uld hosts, and they returned to Earth with a plan to start a nuclear war so that they could gain access to the Antarctic Outpost. Once again, the Prometheus was under Col. Pendergast's command. Gen. Jack O'Neill assigned Teal'c to the Prometheus so that he could offer his expertise in Goa'uld strategies as they searched for the al'kesh. The Prometheus still used locator beacons to pinpoint targets for beaming and one was given to Daniel so that he could be rescued from Moscow if things got out of control. Daniel used the beacon to transport himself and Goa'uld Robert Kinsey onto the Prometheus so that the Goa'uld could be questioned further without interference from the Russian government which had also been infiltrated by the Goa'uld. Goa'uld Jennings fired upon the Prometheus as soon as he realized that Kinsey was onboard. He was afraid that Kinsey would give away their identities and plans while in custody on the Prometheus. Kinsey, however, took advantage of the chaos of the attack to ring onto the al'kesh and take the ribbon device with transporter controls away from Jennings. The Prometheus targeted the al'kesh and destroyed it, killing all who remained onboard, but it is unclear as to whether or not Kinsey escaped before the ship was destroyed. (8.14 "Full Alert")

Season Nine

The Prometheus, now fully equipped with Asgard sensors, beaming technology, and hyperdrive, was sent into Earth's orbit for peaceful missions, such as the study of deep space telemetry. Lt. Col. Samantha Carter, who had taken a new position as head of the Research and Development department at Area 51, was assigned to the ship to run this exploration, but it is not known who the rest of the crew was during this time. (9.01 "Avalon Part 1", 9.07 "Ex Deus Machina", 9.13 "Ripple Effect")

The Asgard sensors were put to use when Daniel proposed that another place left behind by the Ancients was deep inside the Glastonbury Tor in England, known as "Avalon" in some versions of the Arthurian legends. Remarkably, this information was brought to him in the form of an encoded tablet carved in the Ancients' language by none other than the space pirate who had tried to steal the Prometheus, Vala Mal Doran. Daniel permitted contact with her because he thought that she might actually have something of value since the Antarctic Outpost and Atlantis had been found through information from a similar tablet. Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell, the new commander of SG-1, encouraged the search for the treasure described on the tablet and led the makeshift team of Daniel, Vala, and Teal'c in the treasure hunt. Lt. Marks used the Asgard sensors in Auxiliary Control Room 2 to map out the underground caverns which had no access from the surface. The Asgard beaming technology couldn't work through the caverns' shielding, so they used the ring transporter instead because the rings are of Ancient design. It isn't revealed who was commanding the Prometheus at this time.

Mitchell's team was successful in finding the treasure and some of the crew of the Prometheus ringed into the main cavern to take an inventory. The gold and jewels belonged to Britain, but any alien artifacts would be confiscated by the SGC. Daniel discovered a large book which gave some of the history of the Ancients and how they had traveled from a far galaxy to make their new home in the Milky Way. At the time that they left those many million of years ago, the Ancients were called the Altera. Lt. Marks discovered an Ancient Communications Terminal among the treasures. This device, used in conjunction with the communications stones used by Jack and Joe Spencer (8.15 "Citizen Joe"), established psychic links with users of identical technology in a distant galaxy which was presumed to be the original home of the Ancients. (9.01 "Avalon Part 1", 9.02 "Avalon Part 2")

Unfortunately, the use of the communications devices caught the attention of a group of Ascended Beings called the Ori. They were rivals of the Altera when both belonged to one human society, before both groups learned how to ascend to a higher plane of existence. The Alterans fled their home galaxy because the Ori wanted to wipe them out. Their philosophical differences have been translated into all planes of existence, and the Ori intend to convert the humans of the Milky Way to their religion, called Origin, so that they may gain the power from their worshippers — enough power to attack and kill the ascended Altera (aka Ancients, The Others) (9.11 "The fourth Horseman Part 2"). Unable to interact directly in the corporeal plane, the Ori's first step to invasion started with the sending of evolutionarily-advanced human missionaries, called Priors, to preach to the people and convert them. If the people of a planet visited by one of the Priors refused to convert to Origin, the Prior destroyed them through various means, including plagues and earthquakes. The next step in the Ori's plan to invade the Milky Way was to convert a planet into a singularity (black hole) to power a Super Stargate which was large enough to permit an invasion fleet through. The Prometheus, three Free Jaffa ha'tak, and one Free Jaffa cargo ship were sent to investigate such an attempt at the planet Kallana, a Free Jaffa planet which was wiped out by the Prior because the Jaffa refused to turn to Origin. The Prometheus was commanded by Col. Pendergast once again, with Lt. Marks as a member of his bridge crew. Mitchell, Daniel, Teal'c, and Vala were still together as an unofficial SG-1, while Carter oversaw the use of her Mark IX "Gatebuster" naquadria-enhanced nuclear bomb. The Prometheus was damaged during this mission, but there were no casualties among the crew, except for Vala. Without the knowledge of the rest of the crew, she left the Prometheus and positioned the cargo ship as the last segment of the forming Super Stargate to prevent the 'gate from completing. Once she positioned the ship, she attempted to escape back to the Prometheus via the ring transporter, but her matter stream was pulled in by the Kallana Singularity. Carter speculated that Vala was transported to the Ori's home galaxy. (9.06 "Beachhead")

After a Free Jaffa was found dead in Virginia, Teal'c began an investigation into why he was present on Earth. The investigation led the SGC to the headquarters set up by the former Goa'uld System Lord Ba'al. He was using the corporate connections within the Goa'uld-infiltrated Trust to build a conglomerate of high-profile corporations, many of which held Department of Defense contracts. The dead Jaffa had been sent by the Free Jaffa leader Gerak to capture Ba'al. Teal'c discovered that cloaked cargo ships were being sent from a ha'tak which was hiding behind the moon. Fortunately, the Prometheus did not fire upon the ha'tak, even though there was cause. Eventually, the Prometheus was asked to scan Seattle, Washington, for a naquadah bomb Ba'al had set to detonate. Using the Asgard beaming technology, the entire building which had the naquadah built into its very structure was beamed into space where it exploded without harm. Most likely, the Prometheus gathered as much debris from the explosion as possible and placed it where the building once stood, but the media caught on that the amount of debris was a lot less than it should have been and, thus, started all manner of conspiracy theories. (9.07 "Ex Deus Machina")

The advanced sensors on the Prometheus were used to search for Mitchell when he was captured on the homeworld of the Sodan Jaffa, a group of Jaffa who gained their freedom 5,000 years ago. SG-1 went to the planet hoping to convince them to join the Free Jaffa Nation as leaders who knew what freedom was like and to help in the fight against the Ori. SG-1's first encounter with the Sodan ended badly, with Mitchell severely injured and captured. The Prometheus scanned other planets and moons in the system, but failed to locate him. He managed to engineer his escape with the help of one of the Sodan and returned to the SGC two weeks after his disappearance. The crew configuration for this mission was not mentioned. (9.08 "Babylon")

The Prometheus was put on stand-by in case SG-1 and SG-5 needed to be rescued from P3X-584. The Stargate on the planet was rigged with a "call forwarding" device and the SGC wasn't sure if the DHD could be used to dial home, but, fortunately, the device did not interfere with outgoing wormholes. The Prometheus would have taken two days to reach the planet if it had been called to make the rescue. (9.09 "Prototype")

The Prometheus was used by SG-1 and their alternate reality doubles to detonate a bomb in the Kallana Singularity to close the confluence of multiple alternate realities and the SGC. The only people onboard the ship were these eight individuals because the mission was exceedingly dangerous.

SG-1 (in green) and their alternates (in black)

The alternate SG-1 took over the ship and set a course to the Pegasus Galaxy to steal Atlantis's Zero Point Module (ZPM). They had created the confluence in the realities on purpose so that they could use the stolen ZPM to power their Earth's defenses in their Antarctic Outpost. SG-1 thwarted their efforts and learned how to send all of the alternate teams back to their own realities, helping those teams the best they could in their fight against the Ori by providing historic information and the cure for the Prior Plague (9.11 "The Fourth Horseman Part 2"). The alternate SG-1 which had created the confluence went home empty-handed and had to find another way to protect their Earth against the Ori. (9.13 "Ripple Effect")

The final mission of the Prometheus occurred in orbit over the planet Tegalus. The ship was commanded by Col. Pendergast, with Marks, promoted to Captain, and Lt. Womack on his bridge:

The Prometheus took Mitchell, Carter, and Teal'c to the planet to determine the fate of Daniel who had traveled to the planet via the Stargate to set up negotiations with the Rand Protectorate to withdraw their threat against the Caledonian Federation. The Rand Protectorate had become a nation of Ori followers, and as a reward, the Prior gave them the schematics for a powerful killer satellite they could use against Caledonia if they refused to turn to Origin. Daniel's negotiations took a downward spiral as soon as he stepped through the 'gate. Mitchell ordered the Prometheus to destroy the satellite, but they had underestimated the power of the weapon and the Prometheus was gravely crippled, its Asgard shields useless. Mitchell and Teal'c led a squadron of F-302s to destroy the satellite, but their efforts were in vain since the weapon had an impenetrable shield. Pendergast ordered his crew to evacuate into Caledonian territory via the Asgard beaming technology while he asked to negotiate his surrender to the Rand government, but the Rand leader, President Nadal, took advantage of the ship's weakened condition and destroyed it. Of the over 115 crewmembers, 76 survived, including Capt. Marks and Lt. Womack. Col. Pendergast, however, died with the others in the ship's destruction. SG-1 and the Prometheus survivors were given access to the Stargate to get home, but the two nations weren't able to reach an agreement and eventually the peace talks broke down. In the end, they destroyed each other and the Stargate was buried in the rubble. The Daedalus was called in to investigate and reported that there appeared to be no survivors, but the final status of the weapon was not mentioned. (9.15 "Ethon")

Prometheus Collection

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