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Ver Ager


Ver Ager is a village on a planet in the distant galaxy believed to be the original home of the Ancients (also known as the Altera). It is under the control of the Ori.


  • Names and Designations: Ver Ager
  • Number of Suns: At least one
  • Number of Moons: One
  • Source of Address: Unknown/Existence of Stargate Unknown
  • Introduced in Episode: 9.02 "Avalon Part 2"
  • Earth Cultural/Technological Equivalent: Pre-industrial age. Circa late medieval early Renaissance Europe
  • Main Interest: Ancients/Alterans
  • Influenced/Dominated by: Ori
  • History of Stargate: Unknown if Stargate exists there

Stargate Glyphs

Unknown if there is a Stargate near Ver Ager. Arrived at village by Ancient Communication Device (9.02 "Avalon Part 2"). There are rings that transport travelers to the City of Celestis, which is apparently on another planet (9.03 "Origin", Solutions Q&A with Joe Mallozzi).

Geopolitical Structure and History

Millenia, if not millions of years ago, the Alterans, also known as the Ancients, lived in the galaxy where Ver Ager's planet is. Eventually, many Alterans left for another galaxy, and the ones who remained ascended and became the Ori. Evidence of the Alterans presence on the planet could still be found though by modern Ver Ager historians conducting secret archeological digs for more information. The beings who remained, the Ori, at some point ascended. They claim to have created the humans now living in Ver Ager, guiding their belief systems and demanding their devotion.

The village of Ver Ager sits nestled in a grass filled valley. Some trees line the ridge above. The village is of fair size, and presumably some buildings are set on the slope of the valley, since the home of villagers Harrid and Sallis Cicera had outside entrances on two levels. The village is made up of several stone buildings.

At the center of the village is an "Ara", which is a type of altar. The Ara has a raised stone straight channel about four foot high that slopes, rounding a small circular area of the design before sloping still further to several wide concentric stone channels, about one foot high. In the center of the circular maze is a yoke-like bench. Unbelievers or villagers "overcome" are shackled to the Ara and subjected to a ceremony where a flammable liquid is lit and poured into the channels. The victims are immolated, according to Ori faith, those pure of heart are saved by the Ori to be with them forever, those who are not "pure of heart" will be "laid down into dust".

The Ori religion, as spelled out in the Book of Origin is the basis for daily life in Ver Ager. As a regular ritual, the villagers attend a prostration ceremony in the village center, where they kneel for six hours praying to the Ori. The Administrator of Ver Ager, presumably both a political and religious leader in this seemingly theocratic society, led the prayers. The Administrator also was the one who pronounced punishment on unbelievers in the name of the Ori.

The presence of a Prior of the Ori invokes an immediate response of prostrating themselves (kneeling with head to the ground). Any variance from the strict protocols of society as dictated by the Ori and their followers is met with harsh punishment, such as sacrifice at the Ara. Vala Mal Doran was discovered as a stranger because she did not say a blessing over the leaves before she drank.

Despite this iron control on the Ver Ager society, a few individuals worked in a secret movement against the Ori. This heretical sect, made up of curators Fannis and Harrid and Sallis Cicera, among others, looked for proof that countered the Ori's strict and limited version of history. The group found an ancestral burial ground with evidence that a race of humans predated their creation as dictated by the Ori. Among this evidence was an Ancient Communications Terminal and Ancient Communications Stones, which were hidden in various places in the village.


Ver Ager at Night
Overhead view of village center
Ara lit as Daniel and Vala are punished as heretics


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