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On the mysterious planet Argos, the beautiful Kynthia seduces Jack O'Neill into marriage. As a result of their liaison, Jack is condemned to an Argosian lifespan of only a hundred days. As he ages rapidly and his health fails, will his team succeed in their frantic search for a cure? Jack's bitterness changes the peaceful Argosians forever.

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Colonel Jack O'Neill and the SG-1 team travel through the Stargate to Argos, where they come across a young woman giving birth. After Dr. Daniel Jackson delivers the child, the team is invited to a festival, where they find a civilization of beautiful, happy people who celebrate while the sun shines and mysteriously drop to sleep the minute that it sets. More mysteriously, they seem to age very rapidly—a lifetime is 100 days—an effect that O'Neill unwittingly inherits when he is seduced by Kynthia, a stunning Argosian woman. As O'Neill's hair turns gray and his life races past, the rest of the team return to base to try to discover a cure for whatever is making O'Neill and the Argosians grow old so fast. Capt. Samantha Carter discovers the culprit: nanocytes, or microscopic robots that circulate in the bloodstream, apparently placed there as part of a cruel experiment by Pelops, a Goa'uld whom the Argosians worship as a god. But the team can't figure out how to turn them off, and unless they can, O'Neill will soon be dead.


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