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O'Neill and the team travel to Cartago, where Teal'c is recognized as once having been First Prime to Apophis, who 'harvested' hosts from this world many times. His guilt already decided, Teal'c is arrested for the murder of Hanno's father and put on trial for his life. While Jack and Carter attempt to get help from the SGC, Daniel battles Hanno in Cor-Ai.

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When Colonel Jack O'Neill and the SG-1 team travel through the Stargate to P3X-1279, Teal'c recognizes it immediately as Chartago, home to the Byrsa and one of the Goa'uld's favorite places to harvest humans for assimilation. Teal'c had come here when he was head Jaffa to Apophis; his visit is remembered by one of the Byrsa, Hanno, who accuses Teal'c of killing his father. Teal'c is put on trial—the Byrsa call it Cor-ai—but the trial proceeds far differently than a trial back home would. Hanno acts as both judge and jury, and when Teal'c admits he killed his father, he's found guilty and a death sentence is passed. While O'Neill and the rest of the team try to persuade Hanno that Teal'c has changed and is now the enemy of the Goa'uld, the Jaffa seem resigned to his sentence of death.


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