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The SG-1 team rescues a group of highly developed survivors from the cataclysmic planet of Tollan. To stop the legendary knowledge of the Tollan people from falling into the wrong hands, O'Neill and his team stake all on the cross-universal rescue.

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Colonel Jack O'Neill and the SG-1 team arrive on the planet Tollan to find a scene of chaos and death. A volcano is erupting, spewing choking ash and burning lava, and bodies litter the ground around the Stargate. The team gathers up a few survivors and returns through the Gate to Earth. The Tollans, however, are not grateful for being rescued. Their leader, Omoc, dismisses human society as primitive, refuses to answer any questions about his planet's highly advanced technology, and demands to be relocated to a similarly advanced world. Narim, another Tollan, reveals the reason for Omoc's suspicion. Years earlier, Omoc's father shared the Tollan technology with a civilization like Earth's, setting off a war that destroyed the more primitive planet and destabilized Tollan. With military intelligence sniffing around and threatening to put the Tollans to work on weapons systems, Earth seems to be heading down the same path. Having saved the Tollans from death, the SG-1 team must risk court-martial to save them from slavery and to save Earth from self-destruction.


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